Solo Drills

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Important Break Fall and Roll Concepts

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Check out how to properly break fall together with some roll concepts, a very underestimated but important aspect of the game

Cyclical Flow (partner & solo version)

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Here's a great cyclical flow that can be done with a partner or solo!

Fred Zaganelli BJJ Class 2

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Fred Zaganelli keeps showing on this second part a serie of very basic movements every BJJ novice needs to learn

Work those Grips the Old Fashioned Way – Malfacine

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Bruno Malfacine goes crazy climbing ropes on a beach to improve his grips. Take a look at the insane tempo he dictates       GRIPS✔️ #worlds2016 A video posted by Bruno Malfacine ♛?????...

Solo BJJ Drills: Horizontal Movements – Matt Kirtley AKA Aesopian

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BJJ black belt Matt Kirtley AKA Aesopian shows his favorite drills for practicing horizontal hip movements across the mats.

The BEST Hip Mobility Drill for BJJ and MMA

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  I call this the 'best' hip mobility exercise for mixed martial artists because it targets 3 areas that are often tight in fighters (and dudes in general): 1. Hip flexors 2. Hamstrings 3. Adductors (groi...

Practice Drills for Wrestling Success

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  Learn a variety of drills that every program can incorporate into its practices that will develop and reinforce good habits and enable you to dominate in any position on the mat. Coach McCoy leads a pair of ...

Henry Cejudo | Wrestling Techniques & Drills

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UFC Fighter & Olympian Henry Cejudo Shows Wrestling Techniques & Drills.

No training partner? No Problem – Solo Home Workout – David Avellan

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I apologize for the framing of this video, as I originally was filming this just for myself and didn't think too carefully about camera placement. But it still does a great job of conveying the message I wanted to...

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Break Falls

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Instruction by Professor Charles Dos Anjos of Wolfpack BJJ on proper techniques of break falls.

8 BJJ solo drills to improve your guard

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These are some some of my favorite drills to do when I am at the gym with some down time. Rather than just sitting around I can improve on some basic skills.

Guard Mobility & Coordination Drills for BJJ

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Use these drills to get your guard mobility and coordination sharper and sharper

Solo drills for BJJ on the Beach

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From BJJ Globetrotter Christian Graugart.

Grip work – Lucas Lepri

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  Lucas Lepri works on his grips the good old fashioned way       A video posted by Lucas Lepri (@lucaslepri) on May 12, 2016 at 9:08am PDT

Basic Movement Drills

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These movement drills are going to make sure your guard stay as sharp as it can be

Butterfly Guard Sweep Solo Drill – Nick Albin

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This solo drill movement is incredibly helpful for making the drills in that Butterfly Guard video work. Being able to shift your hips around using just your legs is super helpful when trying to use the butterfly ...

Fred Zaganelli BJJ Class 3

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Fred Zaganelli shows on this 3rd part of the basics series some very useful hip movement moves you will use from day one all the way to the Black belt

Berimbolo, Spinning Inverted Guard Solo Drill – Jason Scully

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  Jason Scully from the Grappler’s Guide


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The kind of drills/ Uchikomis found in a regular Judo class.

Are You Shrimping The “Wrong” Way? – Jason Scully

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In this video Jason Scully talks about how he feels many grapplers shrimp inefficiently and are not taking advantage of the drilling opportunity to develop a very necessary skill. He talks about his take on the 3 majo...

Even Andre Galvao Does Some Solo Drills!

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