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Choke Defense – Studio540 Seminar – Caio Terra

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During the #submitthestigma Studio540 Seminar with Caio Terra, he explained the details that go into good collar choke defense

How To Set Up The Famous Rickson Gracie Rear Naked Choke- Henry Akins

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Rickson Gracie is known for his Mata Leao (rear naked choke) and his armbar. One of his top students Henry Akins experienced this technique first hand from Rickson himself and shows us some great details. Henry Aki...

Fine-Tuning Back Control for Chokes- Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu (Dave Camarillo)

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Guerrilla Jiu-JItsu instructor Matt Darcy and Dave Camarillo show some tips to fine tune your back control to set up chokes.

Chris Weidman – Body Control + Banana Split

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UFC middleweight contender, Chris Weidman, shows you some of his ground game including some practical back control and the fancy banana split.

Braulio Estima- Reverse Set Up Rear Naked Choke

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Braulio Estima shows on Leandro Lo a reverse method for finishing the rear naked choke. Estima places his choking arm deep and over the chin, and hides the supporting arm to finally swivel it in for the choke. ...

Arm Triangle Choke Counter To The Position’s Defense

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Counter your opponent's defense to the Arm Triangle and choke him anyway

Back Mount Drill – Nick Albin

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frustrating as losing a solid mount mount on your opponent. You went from having the submission in sight to losing your opportunity. In this video I show 1 drill we use in class to maintain back control when o...

Back Offense by Travis Lutter

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Are You a white belt looking to make it to blue?  Or are you an upper belt looking to shore up the basics? Well, The Road to Blue Belt is exactly what it sounds like. Travis Lutter is an American mixed martial art...

Kimura Grip Armbar – Cobrinha

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Four times world champion Rubens Cobrinha drops in once again to teach another crafty way to finish your opponent. This time, he explains the workings of an armbar using the kimura grip. Hit play and add this techniqu...

Little Rascal Choke from the Back

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Learn  a way to get the submission when someone defends correctly from the back by trapping the active choking hand.

Bow & Arrow Choke (with foot in belt)

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This is a mean little choke where you lever off the spine with your foot in the belt and knee in the back! Extra Ouch!

Basic Collar Choke Variation From the Back

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This is a simple adjustment to counter the defense from the basic collar choke from the back mount

Effective way to 100% SWEEP!

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This video unveils the NEW "200% Sweep". Its the 100% sweep with a better grip to it that makes it more effective to take the back, sweep, or armbar!

Sneaky Back Mount Arm Lock When Someone Defends Choke

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From Chewjitsu: In this video I show a sneaky arm lock from the back mount when someone defends a collar choke. In many cases a basic concept that I stick with is that if you attack the neck, the arms open up. If ...

NoGi Bow & Arrow Choke Armbar

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Adrenaline MMA's Brown Belt & recent SubSeriesPro superfight winner Jesse Gough shows his nogi bow & arrow choke (with armbar) backstage at Chokes By The Ocean with Jesse Allen.

Wrist Lock From The Back- Felipe “Preguica” Pena

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In this video Felipe Pena demonstrates a wrist lock when he has his opponent's back and they are defending against the choke.

How To Perform Bas Rutten’s Rear Naked Choke

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Learn from the legend Bas Rutten his own tips and details to the most famous Rear Naked Choke

Ninja Back Chokes& Tips

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A highly effective choke from Back control which will make your opponent feel helpless

Arm Lock Options From The Back – Robson Moura

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Robson Moura shows multiple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu arm lock attacks from back control

Gordon Ryan Back Control System

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Gordon Ryan has a nifty back control system.

Ultimate Body Triangle Walkthrough – Demian Maia

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Demain Maia goes step by step with unstoppable tricks to lock in a body triangle, control an opponent's back, and sink a finishing choke.

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