Yoga for BJJ

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3 poses for Back Pain – Yoga For Bjj

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Yoga For Bjj shares several posses that can help alleviate back pain

How To Get HYPER FLEXIBLE For Jiu Jitsu! – Tom Davey

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If you are already flexible - great. We can get you even MORE flexible. Not flexible? don't think flexibility is something you can achieve - we can change that! With flexibility, it is VERY possible to move from the l...

Top 5 stretches after BJJ – Yoga for BJJ

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New videos every week for grapplers that want to optimize the body for BJJ and life!

5 most overrated Stretches in Martial Arts – Yoga For BJJ

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Don't do these stretches. There are better alternatives!

How to Correct Your Posture -Nic Gregoriades

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Nic Gregoriades has been working with jiu-jitsu and yoga for quite some time and has been able to connect a lot of techniques to improve the life of many jiu-jitsu athletes. Here is one tip on how to correct that anno...

3 Most Common Stretching Mistakes – Yoga for BJJ

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Learn the three biggest mistakes everyone does in the beginning via Yoga for BJJ

5 Essential Post-Workout Stretches – Evolve Vacation

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

3 Stretches For Improved Rubber Guard and Guard Retention

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These stretches and exercises are some that I have used and found beneficial and effective for improving hip flexibility which can help with rubber guard and assists with guard retention.  

How To Stretch Your Hips – Samantha Faulhaber

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An important and useful sequence for your hips from Samantha Faulhaber.

Don’t EVER Do These Stretches

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We stretch to prevent injuries, but these stretches will cause them....

BJJ Stretches for Back Pain Relief

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Oftentimes, when you need relief for back pain, the issues are with your neck, upper back, mid-back, and hips. Although the low back is what hurts, the issues might be elsewhere. In our programs for Brazilian Jiu Jits...

The King Arthur Hip Fexor Stretch – Yoga for BJJ

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Learn a stretch to target the pound for pound tightest muscle in grapplers - the hip flexors via Yoga for BJJ

Hip Opening Stretching Sequence, Free Class – Yoga For BJJ

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In this video Sebastian leads you through a simple hip stretching yoga sequence, similar to the kind you can find on the website. Normally Sebastian demonstrates the video himself, but today averagely flexible...

Kron Gracie Yoga Breathing Exercise Crazy Core!

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Kron Gracie Yoga Breathing Exercise Crazy Core!

Warmup Flow for BJJ – Yoga for BJJ

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Great Warmup Flow for BJJ from Yoga for BJJ

Handstands for people who can’t do a handstand – Yoga for BJJ

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Will to learn is always an integral part of the experience.

Yoga for Grapplers | Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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Bits from the New Yoga for Grapplers Program from Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood's Nic Gregoriades.

Jeff Glover Ankle Flexibility Routine

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Jeff Glover takes his ankle flexibility seriously...       Flexibility A video posted by Jeff Glover (@youjitsu) on Jul 14, 2016 at 10:49am PDT

Developing Flexibility for Triangle Chokes- Mike Bidwell

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If you follow my work then you know I LOVE triangle chokes. To me it's the king of all chokes. Why? It can literally be done from every position...and your legs are far more powerful than your arms. The downside is ...

Stretching Hip Flexors – Yoga for BJJ

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Want to see Sebastian channel his inner Michael Jackson? You're in the right spot! When you're done laughing, continue with the video - you will stretch your quads and give your hip flexors a bit of a break. The...

Yoga – a gentle hip flexor/psoas releasing stretch

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Short instructional video of hatha yoga Hero (Virasana) and Reclining Hero (Supta Virasana) kneeling poses

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