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Top 3 Jiu Jitsu warmup mistakes

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Sebastian Brosche, founder of Yoga for BJJ shows the 3 biggest mistakes you make with warm ups...

Bulletproof for BJJ: Best Moves To Practice Before & After Class

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Best Moves To Practice Before And After BJJ Classes by James Tomlinson. Stop Feeling Sore, Tired, And Injured And Start Being Preventative With Your Injuries. It's Time To Become Bulletproof For BJJ! Get grappl...

Stretching Hip Flexors – Yoga for BJJ

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Want to see Sebastian channel his inner Michael Jackson? You're in the right spot! When you're done laughing, continue with the video - you will stretch your quads and give your hip flexors a bit of a break. The...

BJJ Leg Stretching and Mobility Warm-Up Sequence

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This video was recorded during a pre-training warm-up for BJJ. This is just a small portion of the mobility and flexibility work that I do as part of my injury-prevention sequence. The purpose is to get the body prime...

The Exact Stretches I Used to Break the Guard Better – Nick Albin

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In a recent video I talked about how I used to be unable to sit back on my heels. And how this made my worst position in BJJ being inside someones Guard. Following that video many of you had questions about how I ...

Try this to relieve hip pain and improve guard retention for BJJ

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Pain or difficulty with bringing the knee to the chest when performing guard retention or with general movement of the hip? This technique will not only improve motion but will decrease tension in the hip flexors as w...

How 7 Simple Stretches Can Stop Your Knee Pain

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How 7 Simple Stretches Can Stop Your Knee Pain

Don’t EVER Do These Stretches

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We stretch to prevent injuries, but these stretches will cause them....

Warm Up For BJJ If You Are Late To Class and Short On Time

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If you arrive late to BJJ class and want to get warmed up quickly, then flow rolling is a great technique to try. Its a useful way to get your body and mind tuned in and ready for BJJ. Building muscle memory, getting...

How Cobrinha Does Warm Ups at His Academy

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Check out these insane warm-ups from Cobrinha! How do you like to warm up?

The Tank – Warmup Drill for BJJ by Yoga For BJJ’s Sebastian Brosche

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THE TANK - An cool Warmup Drill for BJJ!

10 Best Back Pain Exercises Ever Created-Stretches & Strengthening

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10 Best Back Pain Exercises Ever Created-Stretches & Strengthening

3 Stretches For Improved Rubber Guard and Guard Retention

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These stretches and exercises are some that I have used and found beneficial and effective for improving hip flexibility which can help with rubber guard and assists with guard retention.  

Sylvio Behring on how to use self defense as pre training warm up

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Self-defense as pre-training warmup with Master Sylvio Behring.

3 Most Common Backwards Shoulder Roll Mistakes – Stephan Kesting

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These are the 3 most common mistakes people make when they're doing the backwards shoulder roll in BJJ, Judo, MMA or any form of grappling.

Improve Hip Rotation Mobility For Ease With S-Mount For BJJ

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If you have difficulty applying solid pressure and holding position when in S-Mount, then try these hip mobility stretches to increase hip internal and external rotation with these muscle energy techniques as well as ...

Very Cool BJJ Warm Up by Bernardo Faria

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Very Cool BJJ Warm Up by Bernardo Faria Bernardo Faria is a 5x World Champion. Bernardo started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Juiz de Fora - MG, Brazil at the age of 14 in 2001. After receiving the Black Belt fro...

10 Ways to Shrimp and Improve Hip Mobility on the Ground

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Stephan Kesting talks 10 Ways to Shrimp and Improve Hip Mobility on the Ground

BJJ warmup Drill: Belt Puller!

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Fun Warmups - making bjj great again. Just kidding - still a fun option to try!

Super Simple Flow – Mike Bidwell

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 BJJAfter40's Mike Bidwell shows a super simple flow for a change!       A nice simple flow for you. Happy training ninjas! #flowjitsu #spiderninja #ninja #bjjafter40 #ninjastyle A vide...

Warm Up Flow – Eddie Bravo

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    Eddie Bravo showing a slick warm-up flow (butterfly to X, sweep to side, roll to truck to the back)    

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