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Leg Endurance Improves Takedowns

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Maintaining a strong, low stance at the start of a roll is crucial to waiting for the right time to take your opponent down. Here's how to increase your leg endurance to give you the advantage.

“Leg Day” Workout Variations for BJJ Athletes!

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Former NFL Cheerleader, MMA Fighter, and (current) BJJ fanatic Rachel Wray demonstrating some cool exercise variations that you can do on "leg day" to add an element of grip training to your workout!

Circuit Training for MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Fighters

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Circuit Training for MMA and Combat Fighters targeting on the key physical attributes needed as an MMA and combat athlete.

Joe Rogan Workout Routine/Training 2018

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Joe Rogan Workout Routine/Training 2018.

BJJ Conditioning: The Swiss Ball Bridge – Emily Kwok

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One of the most influential female bjj black belts shows some conditioning work you can't miss

Circuit Training – Andre Galvao

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  galvaobjjCircuit #AtosCrew #Worlds2016 #SubmissionHunter @wartribegear @haleoinc @teamatosjj @atosjiujitsuhq     Circuit #AtosCrew #Worlds2016 #SubmissionHunter @wartribegear @haleoinc...

Kettlebell Training for BJJ

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Use these Kettlebell Training tips for BJJ to take care of your Strength and conditioning

Short Splitting Cardio Workout For BJJ – Nick Albin

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I'm a meathead and I love weights but hate traditional cardio like running. This workout is a great option for a cardio workout for BJJ. While it's not specifically for BJJ. Because of the lighter load on the bar ...

Thai Knee Kettlebell Flow

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This is a brief example of the Thai knee kettlebell flow which will definitely help with your strength and conditioning.

Fabricio Werdum training for Cain Velasquez UFC 188

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  Fabricio Werdum training for his fight with Cain Velasquez at UFC 188 in Mexico City on June 13th.

Effective strength Training for judo/BJJ – Essential Core exercises

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  Discover the exercises and movements top level Judoka do for speed, strength and power.

The Most Stupid ‘Functional Training’ I Ever Did -Stephan Kesting

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There are good functional training exercises and bad functional training exercises; this is one of the bad ones!

BJJ – Simple Conditioning Workout | Jiu-Jitsu Brotherhood

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Roger Gracie black-belt Nicolas Gregoriades takes you through a simple and effective conditioning workout for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that requires only a single kettle-bell and your own bodyweight.

7 reasons Martial Artists Should Do Cardio – Stephan Kesting

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7 reasons all martial artists should do cardio conditioning.

Wrestling Bulgarian Conditioning & Gymnastic Drills for Combat Sports Tutorial

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Lyubo Kumbarov, former 4 x Bulgarian National Champion and Wrestling coach at Roger Gracie Academy HQ in London is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on prep/conditioning/gymnastic drills he views...

Beach Bodyweight Workout For BJJ

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Guest video from BJJ and MMA athlete Andy Tiet who goes through an awesome BJJ and MMA beach workout. Training in the sand or at the beach can hep improve agility, balance, power, muscle gains and accelerate your aero...

9 Animal Jump Exercises

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9 Animal Jump Exercises you might consider trying

Claudio Calasans Preparing for ADCC 2015

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Watch how 2015 IBJJF world champion Claudio Calasans is preparing for ADCC.

Great Capoeira Conditioning – Cobrinha

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Think you could do this short conditioning drill?       ????????Capoeira conditioning. ????????Condicionamento de capoeira. Storm cobrinhabjjfamily #cobrinhabjj #cobrinhaonline #cobrinhabjjl...

Wrestlers Workout: Agility, Explosiveness, and Muscular Endurance

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This video offers ideas for increasing muscular endurance while maintaining agility and incorporating explosive exercises.

Combining CrossFit and BJJ – Jason Khalipa

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A simple templet for those of you that roll BJJ and want to incorporate a strength and conditioning program. I AM NOT an expert at BJJ, however I do have an extensive background in CrossFit/Strength and conditioning.

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