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7 Minutes of Yoga for BJJ – Cassidy Jane

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Yoga for BJJ focusing on recovery

Swiss Ball Core Workout for Grapplers

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Swiss Ball Core Workout for MMA, BJJ, Grapplers and combat athletes. Add this 4 exercise core workout to the end of your main training session 1x2 times per week. Swiss Ball Workout for MMA, Grapplers and Combat At...

Mobility Conditioning Circuit- Steve Maxwell

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BJJ Workout With Kettlebell – How To Do It Properly by Mike Perry

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BJJ Workout With Kettlebell - How To Do It Properly by Mike Perry

BJJ Stretching

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BJJ After 40 shows you some basic stretching to be done before or after your training session

Wrestlers Workout: Agility, Explosiveness, and Muscular Endurance

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This video offers ideas for increasing muscular endurance while maintaining agility and incorporating explosive exercises.

Acro Yoga Date Class – Yoga for BJJ

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Something Handy for V Day!

Top 5 Best Exercises for Grip Strength

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Why is Grip Training Important: Grip training is where it all starts, going back to the fundamentals. The first point of contact in any fight is the grip. How can you win a fight if you can’t hold onto your opponen...

Quick Forward Fold tutorial – Yoga for BJJ

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Sebastian Brosche of Yoga for BJJ with a quick Forward Fold tutorial to help you start off your week just right

The Tank – Warmup Drill for BJJ by Yoga For BJJ’s Sebastian Brosche

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THE TANK - An cool Warmup Drill for BJJ!

How to Correct Your Posture -Nic Gregoriades

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Nic Gregoriades has been working with jiu-jitsu and yoga for quite some time and has been able to connect a lot of techniques to improve the life of many jiu-jitsu athletes. Here is one tip on how to correct that anno...

Grappling Grip Training and Recovery Using Rice

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A cheap and effective method for working the hands. This can be used as a warm up before you train, a recovery protocol for the wrist, hand or fingers and as a finisher to work the endurance of the forearm.

One Very Strange Core Work Out – Bia Mesquita

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 A bit of an eccentric way to work on core strength, aye?     Ela está de voltaaaa ????????????❤️ Parceria de sucesso sempre ???? #Amoooo #Pilateando #PilatesTodoDia #PilatesLovers #VidaSaudáv...

Back lever – Gordon Ryan

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Eddie Bravo Invitational 6 Winner shows  a nice back lever in action       Some back lever action. @phalanx_usa A video posted by Gordon Ryan (@gordonlovesjiujitsu) on May 7, 2016 at 11...

How to Fix Tight Shoulders

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How to fix tight shoulders. In this video MMA conditioning coach Eric Wong shows Funk 3 shoulder flexibility exercises you can do to help fix tight shoulders.

Basic Grip Routine for STRONG Forearms (by David Horne)

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Basic Grip Routine for STRONG Forearms (by David Horne)

Super Sideplanks – Yoga for BJJ

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Yoga for BJJ brings us another exciting video. This time it's all about Super Sideplanks

How To Stretch Your Hips – Samantha Faulhaber

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An important and useful sequence for your hips from Samantha Faulhaber.

Grip work – Lucas Lepri

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  Lucas Lepri works on his grips the good old fashioned way       A video posted by Lucas Lepri (@lucaslepri) on May 12, 2016 at 9:08am PDT

Fedor Emelianenko’s Warm Up Routine

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Fedor Emelianenko gave a seminar on 8-8-10 and demonstrated his warm up routine. Seminar held at Zealous Nation MMA. Fedor translation by Oleg Stavitsky, who fought Fedor in Combat Sambo.....twice.

Russian Greco-roman Wrestling Workout in Russia

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Greco-roman wrestling workout in Russia.

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