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Teddy Riner Strength & Conditioning Training

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Teddy Riner is a 10x world and 2x Olympic champion from France. He stands 2.04 m and a huge 140kg.

7 Minutes of Yoga for BJJ – Cassidy Jane

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Yoga for BJJ focusing on recovery

Shoulder Stability Drills for Judo & BJJ – Ben Whybrow

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Physiotherapist Ben Whybrow shows some very nice stability and shoulder strengthening movements

Jon Jones Strength Training 2016 | Muscle Madness

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Jon Jones is a self professed powerlifting addict. Check out his insane routines!

30 Minute of Yoga with Hip Openers

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30 Minute Vinyasa with Hip Openers Yoga with Lesley Fightmaster - Hip opening classes are great if you have to sit a lot or do brazilian jiu-jitsu

Ronda Rousey INSANE KILLER Abs Core Workout

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Super Sideplanks – Yoga for BJJ

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Yoga for BJJ brings us another exciting video. This time it's all about Super Sideplanks

How To Stretch Your Hips – Samantha Faulhaber

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An important and useful sequence for your hips from Samantha Faulhaber.

Russian Sambo Workout Using Partner

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How to build muscles with no equipment. 12 exercises with partner.

Squat tip 2.0 – Yoga for BJJ

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Squat tip coming at you via Yoga for BJJ

Powerlifter VS Street Workout/Calisthenics

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What happens when a Powerlifter gets into a srength battle with a Calisthenics / Street Workout specialist? Here is the answer!

How many of these movements can you do?

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Do you think that being able to do all of them would make your jiu jitsu life easier? We think it would. Test yourself - everyone should be able to do these movements without pain. It takes time and practice, but ...

BJJ World Champion Ary Farias’ Lifting Routine @ XGym – Jits Magazine

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  BJJ world champion, Ary Farias, talks about a part of his workout routine, as well as one of his trainers at XGym, Caio Eduardo.

5 most overrated Stretches in Martial Arts – Yoga For BJJ

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Don't do these stretches. There are better alternatives!

How to Program your Mind for Fitness :The Power of Attitude – Firas Zahabi

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Being fit is one of the most important aspects of Martial Arts. If you are not fit you will not be able to get through training without great discomfort and mental effort. In the long run this will drain you and may c...

Training at the korean judo team weightlifting room

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Training at the korean judo team weightlifting room 이것이 국가 대표다! 태릉선수촌의 웨이트 트레이닝.

Steve Maxwell & Joe Rogan on Toughness & Training of Eastern European Athletes

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World famous strength and conditioning coach and BJJ black belt Steve Maxwell tells Joe Rogan about his views on why Eastern European fighters are so tough. He also goes into their training methods.

Stop Younger FASTER BJJ Training Partners as an Old Guy

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Nick Chewy Albin talks training If you're a bit older and starting BJJ. More than likely you have more than a couple of your BJJ training partners who are younger and faster than you are.

Fabricio Werdum training for Cain Velasquez UFC 188

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  Fabricio Werdum training for his fight with Cain Velasquez at UFC 188 in Mexico City on June 13th.

Leg Endurance Improves Takedowns

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Maintaining a strong, low stance at the start of a roll is crucial to waiting for the right time to take your opponent down. Here's how to increase your leg endurance to give you the advantage.

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