Mental Training

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How to Get Better at BJJ While Training with Beginners

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Pointers, tricks and tips for training BJJ with newbies and beginners so neither of you get hurt, and that both of you actually make progress. By Stephan Kesting from

Daily Life Motivation – Mental Fitness

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Malfacine Looks Great While He Preps for Metamoris

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 Malfacine Looks Great While He Preps for Metamoris       Getting ready for @metamoris 7. Feeling great!! Thank you Tito for helping me with my training. Me preparando para o @metamoris...

Analyzing your BJJ performance with tips from Bernardo Faria, Mackenzie Dern & Horlando Monteiro

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Jiu-Jitsu, Life, Personal Development, Mental Skills Training...anything that can help you to perform to the best of your ability ON & OFF the mat is the subject of this video

Judo Mind vs. Jiu Jitsu Mind: We are all Grappling Arts

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4th Degree National Judo Champion, Marc Dickie discusses some key points about competition mentality and attitude along with the jiu jitsu mentality, before discussing stance and getting grips as well as some nice Jud...

BJJ Mental Coach: Underestimating Mental Preparation

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From BJJ Mental Coach Gustavo Dantas:   The tenth mental mistake from the series “Top 10 Mental Mistakes BJJ Competitors make and how to avoid them” is UNDERESTIMATING MENTAL PREPARATION. “Competition is...

Mental Mistakes BJJ Competitors Make #7 Negative Self-Talk

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BJJ Mental Coach Gustavo Dantas: The seventh most common mental mistake Jiu-Jitsu competitors make is “Negative self-talk”. Do you think about what you think about? Think about that! How self-aware of your thoughts...

Don’t Compare Yourself to the Worst

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Coach Kolat covers a conversation that he had with one of his athletes in regard to training habits and self-confidence.

Questions from a New Head BJJ Instructor – Nick Albin

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I recently got a question from my buddy Beau who is a newly minted Head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor at his gym. I've talked to Beau several times over the last year and he's been helping teach Brazilian Jiu-...

How to Build a Gameplan for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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  Elliott Bayev and Stephan Kesting discuss gameplans, mindmaps, BJJ self defense and more. Download Elliott's complete Spider Guard Gameplan for free at Train with Elliott...

BJJ Tips – Black Belt Mindset by Tom DeBlass

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THE ROAD TO BLACK BELT by Tom DeBlass will give you MINDSET tools that you may have never believed possible. Nearly THREE HOURS of STRAIGHT TALK about injuries, competing, relationships, and MANY MORE TOPICS guara...

Mental Tip for the BJJ Competitor- The BJJ Mental Coach

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This can help you, not only to improve your competition mindset becoming more rational about your performance at the tournament, but it can help you in your personal and professional life as well.

What it takes to become a BJJ World Champion

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Rafael Formiga Barbosa, Marcus Antelante, Manny Diaz and other share "What it takes to become a BJJ World Champion. Formiga his the Soul Fighters Team share their experiences, training and mindset to achieve greatn...

3 Benefits of Drilling To Both Sides – Nick Albin

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Should I drill to both sides in BJJ? This is a question that comes up a lot with people who are newer to BJJ. Most of us, at least in the beginning, tend to focus on our dominant side. Which is whichever side feels mo...

Andre Galvao on Mental Prep Before a Fight

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  Andre Galvao shares a few mental tips on preparing for a fight.

How to Prepare for BJJ Competition | Robson Moura

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Multiple world champion, Robson Moura, talks a bit about how he likes to prepare for tournaments during his seminar at Grant's MMA in Toronto.

How to Memorise any BJJ Technique- Kit Dale

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How to structure your training to maximise your long term memory retention.. And tips on how to memorise anything..

The Power of having a Gameplan in BJJ- Brandon Mullins

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  The power of gameplans in BJJ & grappling, by Brandon Mullins & Stephan Kesting. From the Takedowns & Top Position Gameplan app for iOS & Android

Robert Drysdale’s Talk on Passing Philosophy

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Black Belt Robert Drysdale talks about his experience and philosophy about learning multiple ways to pass either in combat stance or stack pressure passing attacks during one of his Jiu-Jitsu seminars at Oklahoma Mart...

Jorge Gurgel talks the Jiu jitsu lifestyle & Mindset

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Wise words from Jorge Gurgel about mindset and BJJ lifestyle.

Overcoming Blue Belt Blues: “I’m Not Getting Better at BJJ”

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Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt Robin Gieseler talks about the blue belt blues and how to get past them. It is common for jiu-jitsu practitioners to experience very big highs and lows at the beginning of their jo...