Mental Training

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How to Prepare for BJJ Competition | Robson Moura

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Multiple world champion, Robson Moura, talks a bit about how he likes to prepare for tournaments during his seminar at Grant's MMA in Toronto.

Jiu-Jitsu for Small Guys & Winning Mindset for Competition: Felipe Costa (Brasa team black belt)

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What happens if you're just no good at the thing you love? Felipe Costa loved jiu-jitsu, but his terrible results in competition would leave him demoralised and depressed. Instead of walking away he refused to quit, w...

BJJ Mental Coach: Underestimating Mental Preparation

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From BJJ Mental Coach Gustavo Dantas:   The tenth mental mistake from the series “Top 10 Mental Mistakes BJJ Competitors make and how to avoid them” is UNDERESTIMATING MENTAL PREPARATION. “Competition is...

How to Memorise any BJJ Technique- Kit Dale

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How to structure your training to maximise your long term memory retention.. And tips on how to memorise anything..

Blocked vs Randomised Training- Kit Dale

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Kit Dale explains how he learns BJJ Techniques faster than normal people.

How to Get Better at BJJ While Training with Beginners

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Pointers, tricks and tips for training BJJ with newbies and beginners so neither of you get hurt, and that both of you actually make progress. By Stephan Kesting from

Buchecha and Braulio Estima Talk About Mindset When Competing

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During a seminar at Frota Noguiera Academy in Zurich Multi X World Champions Braulio Estima and Marcus "Buchecha" Almedia talk about there mindsets before they step on the mat to compete.

Mental Preparation for Judo/BJJ Competitions- Travis Stevens

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  This is how Judo Olympian and BJJ black belt Travis Stevens mentally prepares for his competitions and how he prepares for each match.

Staying Motivated in BJJ & Life by Budo Jake

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From Budo Jake: Just sharing my thoughts on staying motivated and disciplined in BJJ training. If this helps you or you would like more of these kinds of casual talks please let me know!

Rafael Lovato Jr – Mental Preparation for BJJ Competitions

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Rafael Lovato Jr is a big supporter of sport psychology. Hear out his interview on the things that helped him along the way in learning the art of the mental game.

Jorge Gurgel talks the Jiu jitsu lifestyle & Mindset

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Wise words from Jorge Gurgel about mindset and BJJ lifestyle.

Marcelo Garcia: His Week Before A Tournament

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Marcelo Garcia talks about his week before a tournament at the Five Grappling Super Seminar near Toronto with Xande Ribeiro and Renato Laranja.

How to improve your BJJ Away From The Mats?

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Busy with family obligations, working, travelling or away from the mats for some other reason? Don't stall your progress and keep improving anyway.

4 Tips To Deal With BJJ Tournament Anxiety

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Get over your fears and control your anxiety before a tournament. By channelling that anxious energy we can perform at a higher level than we would normally.

Don’t Compare Yourself to the Worst

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Coach Kolat covers a conversation that he had with one of his athletes in regard to training habits and self-confidence.

Firas Zahabi on the Power of Thoughts and the Thin Line Between Confidence and Arrogance

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GSP's coach Firas Zahabi talks about his perspective on the power of thoughts and what differentiates confident from arrogant fighters.

Marcelo Garcia – 3 Modes of Training

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Marcelo Garcia talks about the learning process and mentality for training and competition

Mental Tip for BJJ Competitors over 30

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Do your nerves get the best of you constantly when you compete? Check this video out then!

Gustavo Dantas On BJJ Sports Psychology and Mental Training

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Stephan Kesting interviews BJJ black belt and champion competitor about sports psychology and mental training for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Overcoming Blue Belt Blues: “I’m Not Getting Better at BJJ”

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Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt Robin Gieseler talks about the blue belt blues and how to get past them. It is common for jiu-jitsu practitioners to experience very big highs and lows at the beginning of their jo...

Josh Waitzkin on BJJ, Marcelo Garcia and the Ego

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Josh Waitzkin on BJJ, Marcelo Garcia and the Ego. Josh Waitzkin is probably best known for becoming an International Master in chess at the age of 16. He is also an avid martial artist, achieving a black belt in Tai C...