Injury Care

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How to Drain a Cauliflower Ear

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    Saulo Ribeiro drains a student's cauliflower ear during the 2013 World's training camp. Access the BJJ Library: Come train BJJ in San Diego and stay at the BJJ Hostel: http:...

Top 5 Jiu-Jitsu Injuries (& How To Roll With Them!)

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Injuries are the best or worst thing that can happen to your jiu-jitsu; it all depends on how you roll with them! In this much needed video, Rener Gracie and Alex Ueda detail the five most common injuries in jiu-jitsu...

Core Strengthening – Lower Back Injury Prevention with Rener Gracie

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Rener Gracie: Protect your back to prolong your jiu-jitsu career. Even though my back has fully recovered, I continue to do this lumbar strengthening routine at least 3-4 times a week (during rehab I did it every ...

Great Advice: Treating Injury in BJJ- Dr. Tom Deters.

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  Some great advice from BJJ player and doctor Tom Peters about what causes injuries in BJJ and how to treat them.

Cauliflower Ears: Doctor Develops Permanent Solution

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Written by Dr. Bryan Ales, BJJ student of Omar Sabha, MHA   What is the CauliCure™ Advanced Compression System?   The system was developed after I started BJJ a little over 3 years ago.  I didn’t...

Guard Pull: Horrible Leg Injury

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Video by Mike Calimbas Photgraphy   When pulling guard goes horribly wrong...

Bad Injury from Closed Guard Pull

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  IBJJF recently banned white belts from pulling closed guard in competition. This video shows why.

Amphibian finger taping – Freedom and Protection

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  Team Physiotherapist Corey will take us through a unique way of taping your fingers.

How to Increase Neck Flexibility (for Inverted Guard) for BJJ

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From Budo Jake: I filmed this short video to answer a question I received on FB asking how to increase neck flexibility for inverted guard. If your neck is not flexible, inverted guard is an easy way to get hurt. You...

Dean Lister Shows you how to Properly Drain Ear

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Dean Lister Shows you how to Properly Drain Ear.

BJJ Water Drills For Injuries & Flow Improvement- Karel Pravec

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Renzo Gracie BJJ 2nd Degree Black Belt Karel "Silver Fox" Pravec demonstrates Low Impact BJJ / MMA training when dealing with injuries or working out to improve flowing and/or speed. Should only be attempted under adu...

How and Why to Tape Your Fingers in BJJ

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Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki talk about when and how to tape your fingers in BJJ.

Prevent Hamstring Injuries

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In this video we can see how to prevent hamstring injuries. Keep your body healthy and working in your favor so you can roll for many and many more years.

Hip Opening Mobility Stretches with Andreo Spina

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Stiff hips? Fix it right now with these amazing exercises. Everyone knows that for BJJ and basically every other sport strong and mobile hips are extremely important and will make a difference for you.

Shoulder Mobility with Dr. Andreo Spina

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Unfortunately shoulder problems are very common in BJJ. So make sure you know how to avoid or at least remedy it if you ever need.

How to cure cauliflower ears for good

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Ever wondered how to cure cauliflower ears for good? Check this video out now!

Low Back Pain “Damage Control” Routine

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Have you tweaked your back? Have a look at this video right now then and pay attention to the details!

Returning to BJJ Training after an Injury

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How to return to BJJ training after an injury (and not go insane while you're not able to train).

Alexander Trans talks about his rehab

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BJJ black belt Alexander Trans talks about his injury at the worlds and how his rehab is going at the danish physiotherapists AscendFys.

2 Techniques To Improve Posture And Prevent Shoulder Injuries For BJJ

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Shoulder injuries are very common in BJJ, so learn right now how to avoid them or how to deal with it if you've already got one.

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