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What UFC fighter Jon Fitch eats in one day

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  I (Jon Fitch) put together this video to show people what an average day of eating is for me. Nutrition from the right foods make up about 90% of our total health. So let food be your medicine and medicine be ...

How To Rehydrate after a Weigh-in, Orally and IV

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The pitmaster John Hackleman (coach of Chuck Liddell) gives you advice on rehydration Eddie Alvarez and Wilson Ries talk about what they do to rehydrate after a tough ...

How to Eat Healthy for BJJ under $50 a week

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    Healthy food isn’t always expensive. You can nourish your body for the demands and not break the bank. Be sure to check out our nutrition section: BJJ Wo...

Alistair Overeem on How to get BIG

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Alistair Overeem talks on How to get Big.

How to Lose 3 Pounds in 1 Hour with Pati Fontes | Inside Jiu Jitsu

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Pati Fontes losing 3 pounds in order to make weight for the IBJJF No Gi World Championships. This film shows the struggle of jiu jitsu athletes to win top level competition. Parents please watch before sharing with yo...

How to Deal with Injuries in BJJ – Michael Jen Full Interview

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4th degree black belt and MBF practioner talks about how to prevent and deal with injuries.

Cycling vs Jiu-Jitsu || What Type of Body do you Want?

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If you're looking to lose weight, get fit, build confidence, have fun, compete, and build comraderie Jiu-Jitsu may be for you . . .

How to Cut Weight for the UFC with Alan Belcher & Stephan Kesting

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How to cut weight for MMA and the UFC, getting the right mindset for fighting Rousimar Palhares (one of the dirtiest and scariest fighter in MMA), lifting weights as physical therapy to hold your body together, struct...

Low Carb vs HighCarb Diet for Athletes – Firas Zahabi

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We are constantly being told seemingly contradictory information on how to eat. In this Firas discusses his experiences with mainly the Low Carb diet and the High Carb Diet.

The Science Behind Intermittent Fasting (14 Studies) | Nutritional Science Explained

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The Science Behind Intermittent Fasting (14 Studies) | Nutritional Science Explained

Joe Rogan’s Intermittent Fasting

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Joe Rogan's Intermittent Fasting

Weight Cutting – George Lockhart

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Follow George Lockhart as he leads you through the weigh cuts of Nolan Ticman, Phillipe Nover, Frankie Edgar, and Urijah Faber ahead one of past UFC bouts

Helio Gracie On Not Eating Meat

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Rare footage of Grand master Helio Gracie on why he didn't eat meat

Mike Dolce: Why Supplements DON’T Work

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Famous nutritionist Mike Dolce gives his opinion on supplements...

Dolce Diet: Grocery Guide: Dairy

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  Earth grown nutrients are vital to your fitness and wellness goals. In Onnit's Ultimate Grocery Guide, Mike Dolce takes you on a trip to the supermarket for the items you should be placing in your cart.

Is Intermittent FASTING Best For FAT LOSS? Mike Dolce

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Famous MMA nutritionist Mike Dolce gives his views on the popular intermittent fasting.

Which FAT BURNER Is BEST? Mike Dolce

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What is the best fat burning supplement? Famous MMA nutritionist Mike Dolce has the answer!

What PRE-WORKOUT Should I Take? Mike Dolce

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Mike Dolce answers the question of, "What should I take pre-workout?"

Brutal Weight Cutting by Cris Cyborg

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   Filmed leading up to WMMA Champion Cris Cyborg UFC 198 fight in Curitiba Brazil, this documentary will take an in depth look at Cristiane Justino the woman behind the athlete.    

Fasting and the Gracie Diet! Can It REALLY Shed the Weight?

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What do you think about the Gracie diet and how much fruit they eat?

Biggest Diet Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Is your diet not going to plan? Here are the 3 biggest reasons I see diets fail and some quick guidelines on how to avoid them.

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