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BJJEE Podcast #3 – Rafael Lovato Jr.

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In this episode of the BJJEE Podcast, the legendary Rafael Lovato Jr. touches on many topics; including how he fell in love with BJJ and what his beginnings looked like, as well as how he has grown since receiving his...

How To Learn BJJ Techniques Better And Faster – Travis Stevens

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Have you ever struggled to learn techniques at your BJJ class and then to remember them at a later date? Travis Stevens has a few words of advice on how you can become better at this: drill with more sense, don't just...

Be Focused And Goal-Oriented In Jiu Jitsu Training – Rafael Lovato Jr.

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Why is it so important to be focused and have goals for when you're training BJJ? Rafael Lovato Jr. explains - as well as why asking questions will propel your progress by a tremendous amount. Watch full podcast with ...

Should heel hooks be legal in the Gi by Robert Drysdale

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ADCC champion Robert Drysdale makes a case on why heel hooks should be legal in the Gi,

Ways To Improve Your BJJ Almost Immediately – Rafael Lovato Jr.

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What are some of the things you can do *right now* to improve your Jiu Jitsu? Rafael Lovato Jr. has some great tips: take notes, visualize, limit and adapt your game to your training partners so that you can progress ...

BJJEE Podcast #4 – Roger Gracie

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For this episode of the BJJEE Podcast, we spoke to none other than the legendary Roger Gracie! Among other things, Roger shares how he came to lower his training intensity and why it's important not to go for the win ...

Top 5 Kimura Submissions In ONE Championship

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ONE Championship’s grappling specialists have a knack for delivering highlight-reel submissions. Let’s take a look back at the five best kimuras in ONE history, including a pair of first-round finishes from current ON...

The Best Part Of Rickson Gracie’s Game Is His Defense – Jean Jacques Machado

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Rickson Gracie is widely regarded by many as the greatest BJJ practitioner of all time. The question is: why is he so good? What makes him so special? When we listen to people who have trained with Rickson, usually...

Geo Martinez tips for white belts

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Geo Martinez tips for white belts.

Marcelo Garcia’s Advice To White Belts

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Marcelo Garcia talks about what BJJ white belts should be focusing on and gives an important piece of advice for those who are starting to compete in tournaments.

Uzbek Judo – Marvelous throws and grappling techniques (Дзюдо Узбекистана)

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Uzbek judokas were always tough competition to anyone, they always had good level of success on international circuit, great examples of that are Rishod Sobirov, Abdullo Tangriev, Armen Bagdasarov, Dilshod Choriev, bu...

Lucas Lepri’s Advice For BJJ Blue Belts: Be Hungry To Learn

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So you are a blue belt? Lucas Lepri has great advice for you: first of all, don't focus just on your attacks, as you have to keep your defense sharp as well. Train both in the Gi and No Gi and test yourself. Face the ...

What Are The Meanings of ‘Oss’ & ‘Bowing’ in BJJ

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What is the Meaning of Bow and Oss by Bernardo Faria.

Ryron Gracie Grapples 3 People At The Same Time

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How would you fare with 3 guys grappling you?

Gordan Ryan vs Royler Gracie – 1st degree black belt & 7th degree coral belt. What’s the difference?

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Was this actually a good comparison? Has Gordon Ryan actually done anything that has eclipsed the career of Royler Gracie? Both men have 3 ADCC world titles. Royler holds more world titles in BJJ. Gordon Ryan has won ...

Jocko Willink and Dean Lister Talk about Benefits of BJJ, GI vs Nogi

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Dean Richard Lister is a mixed martial artist who fought in the UFC, he is also a former King of the Cage Middleweight Champion. He is wiedly known in Jiu Jitsu community. He has also won in ADCC (World Submission Wre...

Abdulrashid Sadulaev Highlights

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Abdulrashid Sadulaev is a Russian freestyle wrestler of Avar descent. Sadulaev competes at -86 and -97 kg weight categories. He is Olympic champion and 4 times World Champion, tough he is still only 23, but he is alre...

Crazy coaches and parents at kids competitions- Mr Jiu-Jitsu

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Mr Jiu-Jitsu gives his views on crazy coaches and parents at kids competitions.

Judo: A Day In The Life Of A Full Time Athlete

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A day in the life of British Judo athletes David Groom, Micheal Horley and Danny Harper Filmed on location at Kendal Dojo and Bacup Judo Club.

Jocko Willink Details His Lifting & BJJ Training Regimen

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BJJ black belt and Navy Seal legend Jocko Willink talks about how he trains.

Jiu Jitsu Class Beginner Tips for Women

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"Mat Beauty" hair, skin and nails.. things to know before your first Jiu-Jitsu class! Ladies.. these are some things I WISH someone would have shared with me before my first day. Figured I'd make a video to make your ...

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