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4 Delicious High Protein Meals for Training

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It’s a common myth that people can eat “whatever” they want after hitting the gym. Your body just burned a lot of calories, so you should reward yourself and refuel with whatever you can find, right?   Noth...

The Three Fighting Styles Vital for MMA Success

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  As its name suggests, Mixed Martial Arts is an amalgam of various fighting styles. This is probably what makes it one of the most exciting combat sports today. Plus, it can be quite spectacular and exciting ...

If You Don’t Have These Mental Traits, Don’t Try To Become a Professional Athlete

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Mens sana in corpore sano, the ancient saying goes. It means "a healthy mind in a healthy body", and time has proven its validity. It is, in turn, valid the other way around as well: to have a healthy body, you need a...

Choosing An Appropriate Tactical Gear

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Buyer’s Guide to Tactical Gear We all love adventure. If you are the type that gets thrilled by outdoor activities like wildlife observation, or better still, you shoulder some security responsibility, you might have...

Mental Fitness: The Key to Effective Weight Loss

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It is no secret that your brain and body have a very symbiotic relationship. Your mental health affects your physical health and vice versa. However, when we are talking about weight loss, we seldom talk about the eff...

Comparing Pride & UFC: The Music

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Which theme was better.

Using Wrestling for A Better Half Guard

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Wrestling can be one of the best things you can cross train with your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training regimen. Wrestling can be the game changing factor you are missing that segregates you from your competition. Why is i...

Two Things Tom DeBlass Says You Shouldn’t Do After Getting Promoted

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At most academies, BJJ promotions can be few and far between.  Whether it is a stripe or a new belt, chances are you've put in a lot of work before you are considered for or rewarded with a promotion. It can take upwa...

Keeping Up With the Young Grapplers When You’re Not

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More and more people are stepping onto the BJJ academy mats.  People of all ages.  Jiu Jitsu is an amazing martial art where everyone, regardless of gender, age, or overall athletic prowess can start and with time, pe...

Day of BJJ Tournament Advice by a 5x World Champion

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As if jiu jitsu itself didn't take you far enough outside of your comfort level, there's another summit you can reach for and that is on the competition mats. Competing in BJJ is one of the purest tests of not only yo...