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Straight Knee Ankle Lock by Mikey Musumeci

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How To Defend The Leg Drag Going To The Straight Foot Lock by Mikey Musumeci. From The Man With The Most Footlock Submissions At Worlds – 3 Years Running & Most Winning Gi Grappler In History. The Three-Time IBJJ...

How To Do The Perfect Jiu Jitsu Takedowns by John Danaher

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Study how every BJJ student should be fighting on the feet, with this innovative system for transitioning feet to floor with Professor John Danaher. Use a unique BJJ-based approach to get the fight to the floor,...

Collar Tie Fireman’s Carry to Tech Fall by Nazar Kulchytskyy

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Chain Wrestling Takedowns With Nazar Kulchytskyy Is A 4-Part Series Dedicated To Creating Non-stop Offense Where You Can Seamlessly Transition From One Takedown To The Next. Having trouble scoring consistent tak...

How To Do The Most Powerful Jiu Jitsu Toe Hold by Victor Hugo

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Attack Effective Leg Locks With Victor Hugo As The Most Exciting And Dynamic Ultra Heavyweight Grappler Competing Today Shows His Complete Arsenal Of IBJJF Legal Submissions! Dominate from bottom position with s...

Passing De La Riva with Ankle Grip by Andre Galvao

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Never Worry About The Lapel, Berimbolo, Or Inverted Guard Again With This Blueprint For Passing Modern Guards. Andre Galvao Teaches The Passing Principles Anyone Can Use To Shut Down The Modern Guard Player – Th...

Gyaku Sankaku to Backside 50 50 by Craig Jones

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Learn the system Craig Jones uses to combine triangle chokes and leg locking into a devastatingly dangerous submission game. See how to lock on triangles from everywhere and create the most leverage possible for...

Seated Escape – BJJ Basics by Andre Galvao

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Start Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Journey the Right Way With World Champion Coach and Fighter Andre Galvao’s Guide To Self Defense and Jiu-Jitsu White Belt Basics! Learn your day one basics of Brazilian jiu-jitsu f...

Combat Applications of the Back Ezekiel by John Danaher

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Attack gi strangles with more precision and success than ever with Professor John Danaher’s insights and systems into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s most effective chokes! Break down the turtle position with systematic t...

Escaping Deep Half Guard Lockdown With Step Back To Kneebar by Tom DeBlass

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Grappling guru Tom DeBlass shows his entire arsenal from the lockdown half guard position on this 4-volume series. Control and slow down bigger, stronger, athletic opponents (even in no-gi) with these tips f...

Lazy Lasso Sweep by Bernardo Tavolaro

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Relax and let the lasso do the work while you eliminate pressure from the top and learn to control, sweep, and submit your opponents with greater ease! Master the art of setting traps for even the most ferocious...

Over Under Defense by Romulo Barral

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The Greatest Spider Guard Player In History: 36 Year Old Romulo Barral Shows All Of The Tricks, Hacks & Techniques That Allow Him To Dominate Bigger, Stronger, Faster & Much Younger Guys With This Unstoppable ...

The Best Double Leg Takedown For Jiu Jitsu by Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida

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Learn how to wrestle in the gi from one of BJJ’s most successful champions ever, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida. His takedowns help him set the pace early and get to his passes, where he can safely control some of th...

Knee Shield Coin Sweep by Marcus Buchecha

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Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida Shares With BJJ Fanatics His Complete Library of His Best Position: Half Guard. Learn the complete half guard system of Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida.

Side Control Bottom Triangle by Braulio Estima

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Attack The Hidden Triangle Chokes That Braulio Estima Used To Win 3 Black Belt World Championships & 2 ADCC Championships. Catch your opponents from everywhere with these hidden and effective triangle chokes...

Jiu Jitsu Moves – Thomas Lisboa – Knee Inside Exposing the Arm

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Master A Forgotten Position And Surprise All Of Your Training Partners When You Catch Them And Submit Them In The Crucifix. The Crucifix May Be The Best Position In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Yet So Many People Neg...

‘Buster Guard’ Throw By to Omoplata by Lou Armezzani

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Learn Why The Buster Guard Is A Great Go-To Guard For ANY Grappler Looking For Consistent Methods To Control, Sweep, And Submit Your Opponent! Attack with non-stop submissions, sweeps, and omoplata entries with ...

Entry to Deep Half Guard by Lucas Valle

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Improve Your Half Guard Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible With Wizard Lucas Valle. Take some of the strongest attacks and positions in BJJ and upgrade now with Lucas’s innovations and combinations - Lucas Va...

Knee Bar Sweep by Roberto Jimenez

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Learn the secrets of a dangerous closed guard from the young black belt that tore through the scene at purple and brown belt, Roberto Jimenez. Use his tricky yin/yang concept to control and attack way more effec...

Gordo Armlock by Paul Schreiner

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Master one of the best scoring positions from the bottom, Half Guard, from one of the most technical instructors in grappling! Half Guard is a cornerstone of efficient Jiu-Jitsu, Guard work, and Defense - consta...

Staying On Top Of The Grips by Fernando Yamasaki

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Learn how to grip, move, and attack takedowns for Brazilian jiu-jitsu with these classic judo concepts and techniques. Move with more comfort and efficiency in your gripping and footwork with these little detail...

Open Guard Overhead Sweep by Bia Mesquita

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Use Bia’s push/pull concepts to keep your opponent occupied while you set endless traps for them to fall into. Control the action with a surefire plan of attack that will have you setting grips, and getting to w...

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