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Choke variation from triangle position – Garcia Amadori

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This is an interesting alternative if you don't like to go for a Tippi Choke

Garcia Amadori’s – Wrist Lock To Armbar From Mount

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A very effective way to finish the fight from the Mount position or to transition to the Armbar from Mount without having to struggle to break your opponent's defense using a wristlock

Garcia Amadori’s half-guard escape

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Amadori's escape from half- guard

Garcia Amadori’s armbar escape

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Protect your lovely joints and avoid being submitted in an Armbar with this amazing and creative escape.

THE VAMPIRE CHOKE New BJJ technique created by Garcia Amadori

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Garcia Amadori demostrates a new variation of the "North-South Choke",recently developed at the MMA ATLETICA BOXE Association in Milan- Italy