In this BJJ drills video I show some core Butterfly Guard sweep movements and techniques I use for my personal Butterfly Guard attack. I also include a couple of entry movements in the video for those of you who are trying to add a Butterfly Guard to the game but aren’t able to achieve the position yet.

If you haven’t practiced this Butterfly Guard Sweep solo drill in this video. Go here: Before or after the video to see how it works. It’s a very simple solo drill for Butterfly Guard but it makes the sweeps so effective.

For me, the Over Under and Double Over sweep from Butterfly Guard make up such a solid foundation to build from. They can also be used together to make a side to side attack that is incredibly hard to defend when done right.

It’s the beauty and complexity of simplicity in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The moves may seem simple and straight forward. But the manner in which they’re applied can add a depth of detail that is hard to see at first glance.

In this Brazilian Jiujitsu Butterfly Guard sweep series video. There are some BJJ drills and motions that will seem repetitive. This is done on purpose. But continuously hammering the same movements and techniques over and over again in different ways. We ensure that we aren’t becoming distracted with too many options.

If you’re looking to add the Butterfly Guard to your attacking options. I hope this BJJ drills video gives you some ideas and is helpful.