Self Defense

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Standing Self-defense arm-lock / “Mir lock” from bottom-side

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Here's a cool arm-lock that works equally well for both standing and from your back. It's very similar in structure to the "Mir" (made famous by Frank Mir).

Standing Wrist Lock- Pedro Sauer

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The scenario is this: somebody’s being a jerk, and wants to start problems. Of course, as Master Saurer says, “do your best to diffuse the situation verbally.” But the other guy’s having no part of it. Often times, ra...

The Best Self-Defense Video You’ll Ever Watch – Tim Tackett

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Crucial lesson on how to avoid physical conflict Sifu Tim Tackett at the CSW 2016 World Conference sharing some ideas of how to avoid getting into a fight.

Street Jiu-Jitsu – Striking to Takedown Technique BJJ

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This technique shows the approach of incorporating striking to initiate the clinch, takedown and finish. Eli Knight, RGJJN Black Belt and Funker Martial Arts Representative shows how to go on the offense for self-defe...

BJJ Self Defense Lesson 2: Escaping the Mount

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  Stephan Kesting shows you how to escape from one of the worst positions in a streetfight using BJJ (and why many commonly taught escapes won't work).

BJJ Self Defense Lesson 4: The Technical Standup

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  Stephan Kesting ( and teaches you a safe way to get back to your feet in a self defense situation using BJJ techniques

Street Jiu-Jitsu – Knife Defense- Eli Knight, Royce Gracie Black Belt

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  Eli Knight, Royce Gracie Black Belt: An actually practical defense against a knife attacker that leads to a realistic disarm. Knife disarms are a very tricky topic and there is a TON of misinformation float...

Angles of Attack, Women’s Self Defense – Nick Drosos

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Nick Drosos gives some fine pointers during a mini women's seminar focusing on angles of attack

Social Experiment: How an Untrained Person Would Defend Against a Knife

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From Nick Drossos: "Niko was the second person to volunteer in our knife defense social experiment. He was curious to see how he could use self defense to help him out in a knife attack. In this video, we are looking ...

What Happens When You Mix Israeli Military and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

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  Moshe Kaitz is an Israeli Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Royler Gracie. He is a los an MMA fighter who has beaten UFC vet Hermes Franca. Like every Israeli, he spent a minimum of 3 years in the army in a ...

Standing Jiu Jitsu – Ricardo Almeida

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 Ricardo Almeida demonstrates some jiu-jitsu moves you could pull while standing.      

Why You Don’t Punch in a Street Fight

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Master Wong explains why not to punch in a street fight and what you should do instead.

Jiu-Jitsu self-defense technique – Royler Gracie

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Royler Gracie shows a Jiu-Jitsu self-defense technique

Pedro Sauer, Front Bear Hug Double Unders Counter

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The name Gracie is and will always be synonymous with the martial arts world, as the family redefined the way we completely look at self-defense and fighting systems in the 1990's. While many have trained under the na...

Street Defense Mastery Seminar (Rener Gracie)

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In this detailed slice from the Gracie Academy Street Defense Mastery Seminar, Rener demonstrates some critical components of the Punch Block Series.

BJJ Knife Self-Defense – Part 2

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In this video Scott shows you how to take the ideas he talked about in Part 1 and translates them into progressive training protocols

BJJ Self Defense Lesson 3: The Street Guard

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  Stephan Kesting from and introduces the concept of the BJJ guard as applied to street self defense.

How can women defend from being assaulted – Gracie Breakdown

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Eve and Rener Gracie discuss how a woman can not only minimize an assailants' effectiveness, but turn the tables and use the attacker's own grip to incapacitate him with a joint lock or a chokehold

How to Escape When Mounted with a Knife To Your Throat

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Something they rarely teach at a regular BJJ academy...

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Knife Defense – Upper Attack

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3 variations of defense against knife attack from above. The first technique is the optimal one and the others are variations that might occur when the attacker tries to resist.

How To Train For Self Defense in Jiu-Jitsu

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Relson Gracie Maryland is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school that places emphasis on training BJJ for self defense. At least 2x per week, students engage in Fight Simulation training where one student plays the role of an u...

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