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3 Quick Positional Tweaks to Hold Mount in BJJ – Nick Albin

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3 Quick Positional Tweaks to Hold Mount in BJJ by Nick Albin


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Three Great tips to fix your mount escapes

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Does your mount escape suck? Try these three tips!

Ugly BJJ Mount Escape that Actually Works

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This has to be the most ugly BJJ mount escape I have in my Jiujitsu arsenal. Strangely enough though, it works so damn well! I've had the unfortunate need for mount escapes in BJJ competition and this one has ...

Mount Escape Combo To Single Leg X-Guard – Gustavo Gasparin

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Gustavo Gasparin shows a handy mount escape right into single leg x guard!

Foot Slide BJJ Mount Escape w/ Coaching (Great VS Heavy People)

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The Foot Slide Mount escape is one of my goto Mount Escapes when I'm up against people that I can't seemed to move. I originally learned this Mount Escape from one of my coaches who was 6'3 and only 150-160lbs. ...

Cross Side Mount Technique – Tony Pacenski

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Tony Pacenski explains a technique of how to mount from the cross side position using "invisible jiu jitsu" elements.

Mount Escape to Single Leg X guard – Josh Mancuso

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Josh Mancuso demonstrates the technique that makes possum guard a viable option for the sub only scene. Smooth entry into Single Leg X Guard from being mounted.

Tunnel Mount Escape – Firas Zahabi

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In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the bottom position can quickly turn offensive. In this video I opted to escape to a leg lock situation but you can just as easily escape back to full guard. I prefer the leg lock attacks since ...

Some mount escapes variations – Kirill Sementsov

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   Some mount escapes variations by Kirill Sementsov       ???????????????? Going over some mount escapes variations in this week's tutorial. Full video is already on our Yo...

Mount To 411 Heel Hook – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shows a cool combo to get into heel hook position after mounting someone!

Simple Mount Choke for Submission Setups or Risky Guard Break

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The Thrust Choke is super simple BJJ mount choke or submission setup but can be deceptively effectively if used correctly. Because of it's simplicity it's one of those BJJ techniques that can be easy to defend. Bu...

Georges St-Pierre Teaches An Armbar from the top position.

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   Georges St-Pierre demonstrating armbar from the top position.    

Ricardo Liborio: Overhead Flip and Mount from De La Riva

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Ricardo Liborio BJJ Tip of the Month: Overhead Flip and Mount from De La Riva

Improve this BJJ Mount Escape with Better Timing – Nick Albin

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In some cases we abandon some of the fundamental techniques we used for newer or more advanced options. This is true in some cases with fundamental mount escapes like the Ups/Bridge and roll escape. In BJJ, the Upa...

Truck Backtake From Mount – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shows an attractive Truck combo starting from the Mount position

“Neil Adams” Arm Bar/Juji-Gatame roll Combination Tutorial

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Pedro Bessa Black Belt, Craig Ewers demonstrates the Neil Adams arm bar. Craig trained with Neil when Craig was part of the Welsh Judo Squad. Craig went on to coach the National Team and is also an active black bel...

Hook Sweep – Vitor Shaolin

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Vitor Shaolin and Guilherme Pinheiro. • Position : - Half Guard / Hook Sweep / Mount.

Improve BJJ Mount Escapes by Getting Comfortable – Nick Chewy Albin

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I get a lot of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu questions about how to escape Mount and other bad positions. So, instead of a BJJ technique for this video I wanted to give you something else to think about. One of the most effe...

5 ways to get out of mount

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Black Belt Billy Hofacker teaches us 5 different ways to get out of the mount position. This is the other end of our video that we posted a few weeks ago. In this video we decided to not have any verbal instru...

5 way to retain mount – Billy Hofacker

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Long Island MMA Black Belt Billy Hofacker teaches us 5 different ways to retain the mount when your opponent is trying to get you off.

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