Knee on Belly

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Knee on Belly Escape – Dominyka Obelenyte

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   Effective knee on belly escape by Dominyka Obelenyte 4x Black Belt World Champion     How to escape a super confusing position brought to you by Dom and Vedha ✌️what else do you guys...

North South Choke From Knee On Belly – Kent Peters

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   North South Choke From Knee On Belly by Kent Peters     Technique Of The Day: North South Choke From Knee On Belly ☠️ Suscribe to us on YouTube @ ZombieProofBJJ #TeamZombieProof @zom...

Knee on Belly to Mount Tip: Keith Owen

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Keith Owen demonstrates a trick to go from Knee mount to mount by utilizing your legs.

Elbow and knee on chest- Hugo Fevrier

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3rd degree BJJ black belt Hugo Fevrier shows his trademark combo: Exorcism a modified knee on belly. This is a nasty combo and he has tapped a lot of black belts with this in competition.

How to Use Knee On Belly to Force Movement – Stephan Kesting

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Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting share the details of the Knee on Belly (aka 'Kneemount') position in BJJ.

Knee on Belly to Cross Choke – JT Torres

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Knee on belly transition to cross choke to back take by JT Torres

Relson Gracie talks about Helio , and teaches a counter to knee on belly

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Relson Gracie talks about his father Helio Gracie, and teaches a counter to knee on belly

A Powerful Choke from Knee Mount – Denis Kang

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Denis Kang shares a sneaky and powerful choke from knee mount in BJJ and Judo. D

Knee On Belly Escape – Kurt Osiander

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Fresh new technique of the week by the legendary Kurt Osiander

MG’s Mounted Crucifix to North South Choke – Kon Ying

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Marcelo Garcia's Mounted Crucifix from Knee on Belly, North South Choke

Knee On Belly Escape – Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week features a great way to escape Knee On Belly

Double Leg into Sidecontrol – Cary Kolat

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Cary Kolat teaches his Double Leg Lift to Sidecontrol for Freestyle.

Knee On Belly Cross Choke – Romulo Barral

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 Romulo Barral teaches a great option from knee on Belly!      

Knee on belly counter with armlock-Relson Gracie

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 Master Relson Gracie shows an amazing counter to the Knee on belly which will even help you submit your opponent with an Armbar.      

Basic transitions from Knee on Belly – Gustavo Gasperin

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin explains how to maintain the Knee On Belly and how to transition to Mount & Back controls.

EBi 6 winner Gordon Ryan explains Side to Knee on Belly to Back

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Gordon Ryan from Brunswick BJJ demonstrates taking the back a knee on belly position.

Rolling Baseball Choke – Marcos Duarte

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  Marcos Duarte shows a nice variation of the baseball choke from knee on belly       Nice! #Repost @xshowtheartx ・・・ STA Technique by @murkydeep #themurkydeep #showtheart #bjj #al...

Double Leg Counter – Ruben Rivera

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 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe Coach Ruben Rivera shows a nice counter attack game plan when your opponent tries to do double leg       Opponents Double Leg➡Whip Over➡Kesure Kesa Gatam...

Knee on belly – Caio Terra

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Caio Terra show how to perform a choke from knee on belly. Black Belt Samir Chantre shows how to transition from knee on belly to the back

Escape Knee on Belly with Silver Fox – Firas Zahabi

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  From GSP's coach Firas Zahabi:   I've been training with Karl Silver Fox Pravec for years and he is one of the most intelligent and precise technicians I have ever come across. A lot of Tristar succ...

Jason Snapp – Leg Trap Knee On Belly Defense

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A Knee on Belly defense you will more than likely want to try

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