De la Riva

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Reverse De La Riva Pass – Vicente Junior

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Pass from inverted de la Riva guard, you can use 3 different variations from the same pass. SHOW MORE

Inverted De La Riva Passes – Paolo Miyao

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Fresh new footage of Paolo Miyao instructing on DLR passes

De LaRiva Pass – Thiago Sá

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 Interesting way to pass De LA Riva by Thiago Sá thought at Lucas Leite's academy       @thiagosabjj is teaching in my school for one month and he is showing some delariva pass for us t...

De La Riva Pass – Essence Of Jiu-Jitsu

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João Paulo Bertuccelli and Guilherme Pinheiro Want to help you work on your dlr passing skills - João Paulo uses the knee slide to pass De La Riva guard, and then he takes the back from the side control.

Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – De La Riva Pass

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Kurt Osiander is back with another Move of the Week - this time a De La Riva Pass

Delariva to Reverse Delariva Pass to Armbar – Marcos Parrumpa

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 Regular Delariva to Reverse Delariva pass to Armbar by Marcos Parrumpa, 4th Degree Black Belt from American Top Team     Regular Delariva to Reverse Delariva pass to Armbar by @parrumpaatt #BJ...

Slick DLR Double Under pass to Armbar- Scott Boudreau

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 Delariva double under armbar Scott Boudreau's been exploring and teaching students!       Delariva double under armbar I been exploring and teaching my students! #ossss @bjjdepot @fu...

Calf slicer from inside De la Riva Guard – Mark Ramos

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Slick calf slicer from inside of de la Riva guard, courtesy of Mark Ramos!

Intricate Passing combo & Drill – Rolando Samson

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 DLR Smash ➡ Break Pant Grip ➡ Shin to Shin ➡ Clear Spider Hook ➡ Long Step (grab latissimus dorsi muscle) ➡ Walk Back by Rolando Samson       Congrats fam @rolando_samson killing it ...

Reverse De La Riva Guard Pass – Lucas Lepri

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Lucas Lepri Shows a handy way to pass the reverse de la Riva guard

Worm Guard Pass – Jorge Pereira

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Coral Belt Jorge Pereira teaches us a counter to the De La Riva Gard with Lapel Grip, ending in a footlock submission.

De La Riva Guard Pass To Back Take

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A lot of pressure can be applied on this press, leaving your opponent without any other option other than beg you to pass, before you take the back and choke him

Footlock From Top De la Riva Guard

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A good option when you get an opponent with a very good De la Riva Guard

De la Riva Pass To Calf Slicer – Mauro Ayres

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A very painful submission you can do when trying to pass your opponent's De la Riva Guard

De la Riva Pass To Armbar – Charlão França

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Pass the De la Riva guard and finish with an Armbar from Side Control

Sweep and Breaking the De la Riva Guard – Jonathan Wertz

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Gustavo Machado’s first student in the US, Jonathan Wertz shows how to Sweep and also break the De la Riva Guard

Toe Hold From Top De la Riva – Daniel Rott

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Old School Black belt Daniel Rott shows how to finish the fight quickly with this Toe Hold from the top of the De la Riva Guard

Tales From Deep Half: De la Riva Passing System

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British purple belt phenom, Ellis Younger, shows his system for passing the De la Riva guard

De La Riva Defense To Pass/Then To Honey Hole

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Matt Arroyo shows you how to defend the de la riva guard and turn it into a pass and also an entrance to the honey hole heel hook

De La Riva Belt Grab Pass – Rob Magao

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A very strong control and hard to counter pass to the De La Riva Guard

Toe Hold From Top Open Guard

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Finish the fight right away with this strong Toe Hold submission from the Open Guard

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