Closed Guard

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Posture In Guard – Fabio Gurgel

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Fabio Gurgel talks and shows Posture in guard (in portuguese)

Arm Behind the Back Pass- David Avellan

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David Avellan shows a very effective way to pass your opponent's guard by blocking your opponent's arm behind their back in the closed guard.

Milton Vieira Teaches Opening The Close Guard And Going Straight Into Leglock

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Check out a handy guard opening linked to a submission!

Opening Closed Guard and Pass -Otavio Sousa

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Great attention to details during Otavio Sousa Gracie Barra Huntington Beach class from June 10, 2016. Budo Dave visited and asked a couple of questions

Hidden JiuJitsu (Posture #1) – Henry Akins

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Free technique from the DVD of Henry Akins, Rickson Gracie black belt and a pressure specialist.

Armbar from Cracking Closed Guard

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 Why not go straight into an Armbar from Cracking Closed Guard. Interesting move:       Move of the day! #Repost @zombiebjjpa ・・・ What's your favorite guard pass? #zombiebjj #zombi...

Passing the Guard the Letitia Ribeiro way

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 Nice detail work can be observed in this short clip of Letitia Ribeiro doing guard passing drills       ????????passagem de guarda fechada Professora @lettyribeiro ????????close guard ...

Tozi pass variation (Wilson style) with hand in the collar – Andrew Smith

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One very simple way to get started with this pass in the gi is to allow your partner to get one hand in the collar. Andrew Smith explains the Tozi pass variation

Opening closed guard – Rodolfo Viera

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Rodolfo Viera shows great details for opening closed guard in a gi as well as details on follow through

Behind The Back Guard Pass – Neil Melanson

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Neil Melanson demonstrates how to effectively set up arm triangles using the behind the back guard pass

Cracking Closed Guard in NoGI – Marcelo Garcia

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A lot of people struggle with opening up a closed guard in NoGi. Here's an approach that works exceptionally well and is slightly more elegant than you jamming your elbows into another person

Kimura From Close Guard Counter

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Escape his attack and guard and finish your opponent with this counter

How To Open The Guard In No Gi – Matt Arroyo

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Matt Arroyo shows how to open the guard the easiest way in no gi. Some people who train only gi have a lot of trouble with this!

Calf Slicer From Top Closed Guard

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Open the guard, setup and submit... couldn't be easier!

Defend The Guillotine And Submit – Talita Treta

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Check out not only how to defend the Guillotine choke but also how to submit from there

Closed Guard Opening

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A very strong opening to the Closed Guard with a lot of pressure on your opponent's ribs/chest

Closed Guard Break – Rodrigo Medeiros

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Rodrigo Medereiros gives some amazing tips for you to never be stuck in Closed Guard again

Closed Guard – Opening Standing

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Learn one of the ways to open the Closed Guard while standing

Closed Guard Opening

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Getting stuck inside someone's Closed Guard can be a dangerous spot to be. Have a look at a few options on how to open and eventually pass it.

Knee Over Pressure Pass

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One of those passes your opponent will beg you to complete it fast and just pass

A Very Underrated Way To Open The Closed Guard – Jason Scully

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Jason Scully shows a way to open the Closed Guard that isn't used often but is actually very effective

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