X Guard

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From Butterfly To X-Guard Sweep by Paul Halme

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From Butterfly To X-Guard Sweep by Paul Halme feat Bernardo Faria

Counter Attacking Leg Weave With X Guard & Submissions – Gui Mendes

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Gui Mendes demonstrates Counter Attacking Leg Weave With X Guard & Submissions

From Deep-Half to X-Guard – Jon Satava

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   From Deep-Half to X-Guard by one of the best on it - Jon Satava.      

Taking the back from x-guard – Lucas Leite

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 Smooth! Back take from X Guard By Lucas Leite       X guard .... Guarda x @moyabrand @rvca @checkmatlahabra A video posted by For Seminars 9093744183 (@lucasleitebjj) on Oct 4, 2016 a...

X Guard Defense – Luiz Panza

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If you've been having trouble when the opponent makes the guard X, take a look at this simple defense

X guard to rolling back take – Rafa Mendes

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 X guard to rolling back take - Rafa Mendes      

3 X-Guard sweeps combo – Gustavo Gasperin

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A nice combo of 3 sweeps from X guard by MMA Leach Gustavo Gasparin

Taking the back from X-guard – Andrew Smith

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Interesting option for taking the back from X guard!

Attack from De La Riva X Guard – JT Torres

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 JT Torres showing an attack from his signature De La Riva X Guard       JT Torres showing an attack from his signature De La Riva X Guard. This is #alltechnique. A video posted by All ...

Nice Combo from Single X Guard – 10th Planet Amsterdam

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 Nice combo from 10th planet Amsterdam.  Single-Leg X -> X-Guard Sweep -> Ashi (opponent escapes pushing outside foot down to scoop out) -> Transition to 4/11     Single-Leg X -> X-...

X Guard Concepts – Rafael Lovato Jr

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The X-guard is one of the most effective guard positions in Jiu Jitsu. However, Jiu Jitsu players often people struggle to get into the position and then get confused as to what to do from there. This short video...

Lasso X guard to Leg Crushes – Jared Weiner

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 Lasso X guard to leg crushes with Jared Weiner and Mark Reding     Some drilling with @rmajiujitsu || Lasso X guard to leg crushes || #bjjunited #bjju #tacteambjj #purebredjiujitsu #redingbjj ...

Tripod to Belly Down Ankle Lock – Nelson Puentes

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Nelson Puentes, BJJ Black Belt and owner of Inverted Gear, reviews two sweeps from the Tripod Sweep position with Belly Down Ankle Lock finish while visiting Garden State Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

X guard sweep – Marcus Almeida Buchecha

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The real X Guard sweep leads you straight into the water. Light roll between Buchecha and Leo Viera O verdadeiro joga fora no lixo ????????, soltinho com o mestre @leovieirabjj . . The real X Guard sweep ??????...

Powerful X Guard Leg Locks

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Check out a couple of different setups to powerful leg locks from the X Guard

X Guard From Straight Ankle Lock Counter

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Here, we attack with the straight ankle and discuss some specific details of the lock. Then, we move into X Guard from your partners counter to the attack

X-Guard Sweep And Finish

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For those who struggle with the X-Guard, have a look at this sweep and submission

X Guard Sweep – Matheus Spirandeli

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Matheus Spirandeli, Lotus athlete, shows a sweep from the X Guard you will want to try as soon as you hit the mats

X Guard Sweeps To Guard Pass And Back Take

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André Machado shows 2 sweeps from the X Guard, one which will lead you to the guard pass and the other to a back take

Defending the back take and transitioning to one legged-X guard

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Avoid having your back taken and end up in a One legged X Guard

Marcelo Garcia: No-Gi X-Guard Sweep

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Marcelo Garcia is back to teach another one of his trademark techniques. The 4-time ADCC champion shares with you the secrets to a flowing no-gi x-guard sweep

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