Worm/Lapel Guard

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Lapel DLR Guard Back Take – Josh Mancuso

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Good method of using the gi lapel from DeLa Riva Guard to get an easy back take!

Handy Worm Guard Chain – Arthur Mariath

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 Worm guard sweep -> Knee cut pass -> Armlock finish     THEWORMGUARD.COM ⚡️???? #Reposting @arthurmariath -- Worm guard sweep -> Knee cut pass -> Armlock finish ????????????' Apoio: ...

Worm Guard Sweep – Rafael Mendes

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 Rafael Mendes shows a handy Worm Guard Sweep       Worm guard sweep by Rafael Mendes @mendesbros  #bjj #jiujitsu #柔術 #유술 #주짓수 #brazillianjiujitsu #ブラジリアン柔術 #artesuave #j...

Worm Guard Back Take

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Very technical and sneaky way to take your opponent's back if you manage to control his lapel

Kneebar From Lapel Guard – Matheus Spirandelli

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Check out this mean Kneebar attack from the Lapel Guard

Triangle From Lapel Guard

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Easy setup to the Triangle choke from the Lapel Guard

Back Lapel Guard Submissions and Sweep

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Some great submissions and a sweep from the Back Lapel Guard. The control is really strong and blocks the opponent's upper body.

Worm guard triangle

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Sweep and submit with a Triangle choke from the Worm Guard.

Armbar from the Lapel guard

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Rodrigo Aquiles from Alliance Rio shows us an amazing setup for an Armbar from the Lapel guard.

Back take from the Lapel guard

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Wellington Guimarães, Lotus athlete teaches you how to take the back from the Lapel guard

Armbar from the Worm Guard

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15 seconds explanation of this Armbar from the Worm Guar by Keenan Cornelius.

Victor Estima – Lapel control to Omoplata

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Victor Estima shows how to avoid a guard pass, control the lapel and end up submitting by Omoplata.

Rear naked choke from the Lapel guard

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Sweep or take the back and choke the hell out of your opponents using this great technique from the Lapel guard.

Lapel Sweep from Butterfly Guard- Dimitrios Tsitos

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Dimitrios Tsitos, 1rst degree black belt under Daculino, shows a nice sweep he uses from the butterfly guard. Filmed during his seminar in Belgrade, Serbia at Kimura BJJ Academy. http://bjjkimura.rs/

Worm Guard to Back Take- Leo Queiroz

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Lapel Guard Levitation Sweep- Keenan Cornelius

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Lapel Guard (Galaxy) Sweep from DLR 2nd Option- Bradley Hill

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British champion and BJJ brown belt under Braulio Estima shows his favorite galaxy (lapel guard) sweep from De La Riva guard.

Lapel Guard (Galaxy) Sweep from DLR 1rst Option- Bradley Hill

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British champion and BJJ brown belt under Braulio Estima shows his favorite galaxy (lapel guard) sweep from De La Riva guard.

De La Riva X-Guard Lapel Variations- Gui Mendes

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Lapel Choke set up from Lasso- AJ Agazarm

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Two time Pan-Am champion, AJ Agazarm shows a Choke set up from Lasso. Enjoy guys!

Keenan Cornelius, Lapel Guard Series

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San Diego, CA offers a variety of great opportunities; the weather, the beach, entertainment and especially jiu-jitsu. We had the opportunity recently to finally meet up with an individual who's been getting a lot of ...

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