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Placeholder Backtake vs Turtle – Kent Peters

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Nogi Techniques: Placeholder Backtake vs Turtle by Kent Peters

Turtle to Back Mount and Clock Choke- Ben Eaton

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Check out this handy sequence from Ben Eaton

Attack on Turtle – Luca Anacoreta

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 Turtle position attacks: Inverted Triangle choke➡ Omoplata reverse!       Turtle position attacks: Inverted Triangle choke➡ Omoplata reverse! @tatamifightwear @myproteinit @acai_amazo...

Octopus Guard Fully Explained – Brandon Quick

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Interesting Octopus Guard explanation video (No Gi)

Turtle Guard Transitions and Recovery -Eduardo Telles

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Turtle Master Eduardo Telles has some great insights for you

Spining Arm Bar With – Ana Laura Cordeiro

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On this video Professor Ana Laura Cordeiro is practicing a cool spinning arm bar from the turtle position while Professor Zé Radiola coaches her into the steps of the technique.

Sweep from Turtle Guard – Eduardo Telles

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Pan and Worlds No-Gi champion Eduardo Telles teaches one of his trademark turtle guard techniques. During a class at Fernando Tererê's academy in Rio, Telles took the opportunity to teach a nice way to sweep and get t...

From Turtle to Taking the Back – Stephen Roberto

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 Stephen Roberto, 2X IBJJF Asian Black Belt Champion shows competitive footage of himself transitioning from Turtle to Taking the Back       Work ||--->#respect3 @purebredbjjguam @b...

Backtake from turtle by EBI 6 winner Gordon Ryan

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  Sick backtake that started from turtle by Gordon Ryan at EBI 6   A video posted by @joryblaine on Apr 25, 2016 at 6:25am PDT