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How to Hit Leg Locks When Caught On Bottom!

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How to defend against strong opponents from full guard and sweep them into leg locks and kneebars - for Gi, no GI BJJ, Sambo and MMA - Demonstrated by BJJ black belt and 74kg 2015 European champion Nam Bisso and BJ...

Triangle From Z Guard/Knee Shield by Dillon Danis & Bernardo Faria

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  Dillon Danis and Bernardo Faria show a great triangle choke set up from Z-Guard

Best Sweeps and Submissions from the guard – Xande Ribeiro

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Alexandre Ribeiro at the U demonstrating some of his favorite and most effective sweeps and submissions from the guard.

The ‘Domoplata’ Modified Omoplata

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4x BJJ World Champion Dominyka Obelenyte made this move famous: crazy 'Domoplata' which is a variation of the omoplata. A video posted by BJJ EMPIRE (@bjj_empire) on Jun 19, 2016 at 12:50pm PDT Domynika i...

De La Riva Footlock – Gabriel Marangoni

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 Sneaky De La Riva Footlock From Gabriel Marangoni. If You Love De La Riva Guard - You Will Be Trying This.       A video posted by ???????????? Michael Stratton ???????????? (@esteem_b...

Bjj for beginners: 3 most common mistakes with armbar from guard

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Stephen Kesting tells us what are some of the most common problems beginners run into when trying to submit via armbar from guard

What can you do with a closed guard overhook? – Sasser

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Armbar 1: 0:20 / Armbar 2: 3:00 / Shoulder Lock: 4:45 Professor Mark Sausser, Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu A lifelong competitor, Mark started training in the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) in 2002. He wa...

One arm ankle Lock from 50/50 – Nelson Puentes

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Modified ankle lock from the 50/50 guard.

Lasso Guard and Sweep variations – Rainho

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  Lasso Guard and Sweep variations to submissions with Gabriel Rainho BJJ

Toreando Pass Counter – Marcelino Freitas

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Deadly Toreando  pass counter from collar grip guard leading into an effective loop choke and collar drag Midday class - Bull pass counter from collar grip guard loop choke and collar drag @in2fitness.hc @shoyo...

Omoplata to Arm Bar – Rubens Cobrinha

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Cobrinha shows a belly down arm bar from the omoplata.

How to Do the Reverse Armbar from Guard

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You have probably seen this performed by Marcelo Garcia before, so lose no time and get to learn how to set it up from the Closed Guard

Fine Details for the Push-Pull Triangle from Closed Guard

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Amazing details you don't want to miss on how to fine tune your Push-Pull Triangle from the Closed Guard

Kneebar From Open Guard – Felipe Cesar

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Have a look at the Kneebar that Felipe Cesar showed to the BJJ Club channel

Kimura grip to counter the spinning armbar

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An unorthodox counter to the basic spinning armbar!

Williams Guard Omoplata Move To Immobilize Any Opponent

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A very strong setup to the Omoplata which is very hard to escape

Armbar From Closed Guard – Sensei Koji Komura

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Learn some game changing details about one of the most famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submissions, the Armbar

Triple Cheese Choke

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When it comes to playing guard big guys often find themselves frustrated and limited to their attack because of a 'lack of mobility'.  Kevin Roginski shares with us a high percentage weapon in his 'fat guy' guard, the...

Closed Guard Submission Flow

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Excellent submission flow from the Closed Guard you can easily drill until perfect

Basic Armbar From Guard With Fine Adjustments

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The details, doesn't matter how small they are, will break or make a technique. Check out some very overlooked details when performing the basic Armbar from the Guard

How To Do The Emergency Omoplata Attack – Daniel Franja

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Daniel Franja shows great details to this submission that cna be easily done from the bottom Half Guard

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