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Sneaky Single Leg X Kneebar – Santeri Lilius

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 Santeri Lilius, Roger Gracie Black Belt, shows a very Sneaky Single Leg X to Kneebar setup!       Sneaky Single Leg X Kneebar @scramblebrandofficial @totalshopfinland @roninwear @lili...

One leg Xguard to triangle – Gabriel Bergami

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 One leg X guard to triangle by Gabriel Bergami      

Marcelo Garcia Trademark Entry Into Single Leg X

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 Entries by Marcelo Garcia       Variações de raspagens com Marcelo Garcia. #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsu #jiu #jj #bjj #artesuave #oss #treino #tatame #gi #nogi #marcelogarcia #treino ...

Defend the Single Lex X guard and Finish with a Kimura – Tammi and Mikey Musumeci

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 Single Leg X-Guard to Leg Drag Pass to Kimura finish       SINGLE LEG X GUARD LEG DRAG PASS TO KIMURA FINISH || Hey guys check out this position I've been hitting this a lot in tra...

Single Leg X Guard Drill – Thomas Lisboa

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  Thomas Lisboa showed this great Single Leg X drill in a private class recently. Nice!       ???????? Aula particular com Drills chamando pra guarda. ???????? Some drills on the privat...

Nice Combo from Single X Guard – 10th Planet Amsterdam

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 Nice combo from 10th planet Amsterdam.  Single-Leg X -> X-Guard Sweep -> Ashi (opponent escapes pushing outside foot down to scoop out) -> Transition to 4/11     Single-Leg X -> X-...

Sweep From Single X – Felipe Preguica Pena

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Felipe "Preguica" shows a Sweep From Single Leg X

Berimbolo from Single Leg X Guard – Brea Jiu Jitsu

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Marcus Almeida "Buchecha" used this combo in a Mundials match against Rodolfo Viera a couple years back. Take a look at the basic back take variation.

Guard Recomposing and an X-Guard Entry – Leandro Lo

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A x-guard entry and guard recomposing against x-pass and leg-drag attempts.