Rubber guard

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2 Simple Rubber Guard Tips – Brandon Mccaghren

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Brandon Mccaghren gives  2 Simple Rubber Guard Tips in 1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack series

The proper way to “Zombie” in Rubber Guard- Ben Eddy

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Ben Eddy shows a proper way to do the "Zombie"

Shinya Aoki’s CRAZY Invisible Submission

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Shinya Aoki demonstrates one of his favorite submissions.

How To Kill The Rubber Guard- Garry Tonon

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HOW TO KILL THE RUBBER GUARD w/ Garry "The Lion Killer" Tonon.

Eddie Bravo Breaks Down Rubber Guard in The Cycle

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Eddie Bravo Breaks Down Rubber Guard in The Cycle

Half Guard to Rubber Guard

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A very deep and detailed explanation on how to connect the Half and Rubber guards

Hawaiian neck tie

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One more tight and painful submission for you to incorporate in your arsenal

The Hazelett – Omoplata Variation from Rubber Guard

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If you have never heard of the Hazelett you better check this video out

19 Submissions/Transitions From Closed Guard You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

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19 amazing submissions and transitions from the Closed Guard you most likely have never seen in your whole life!

Guard Choke – Hindu Control to Hindulotine

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Ben Eddy show his secrets on how to perform the Hindulotine from Hindu Control. Definitely a very nasty choke you don't want anyone trying on you

Engage Your Hips!

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The hips play a huge part in Jiu-Jitsu so you better know how to properly engage and use them

Rubber Guard Strategy

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Having trouble with your Rubber Guard? This video is for you!