Reverse De la Riva

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Lasso guard – Reverse DLR – To the Back – Jacqueline Ramos

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Jacqueline Ramos World champion in both gi and nogi shows a cool combo leading to a back take!       Lasso guard ???????? Reverse DLR ???????? To the Back ???????????????? #Repost @lucasleit...

Handy Combo Reverse De La Spider to Leg Drag – Isaac Doederlein

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Reverse De La Spider >> Inverted Leg Drag >> Stack >> Leg Drag       Reverse De La Spider >> Inverted Leg Drag >> Stack >> Leg Drag >> Back @ven...

Guard Attacks – Gustavo Carpio

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  This is a counter when my opponent defends the back take from rvdlr       @gustavobjj13 showing some off his guards attacks !! @gustavobjj13 mostrando um de seus ataques de gu...

RDLR Back Take Attempt to Truck Slicer/Back – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shows some cool transitions

Inverting and taking the back from reverse De La Riva – Andrew Smith

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Andre Smith shows some fun details for back transitions from reverse dlr

Long Step Pass From The Reverse De La Riva – Rolando Samson

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Rolando Samson demonstrates his long step pass from the reverse De la Riva.

Reverse DLR Guard Counter Kneebar – Erberth Santos

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 Reverse DLR Guard Counter Kneebar by Erberth Santos       Erberth Santos_RDLR Guard Counter Kneebar TECHNIQUE: Top, Advanced @erberthsantos #erberthsantos #커먼주짓수 #커먼bjj #common...

Kiss Of The Dragon Calf Crusher

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Ouch, it hurts just from watching

Reverse De la Riva Sweep

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A very easy to learn and apply Sweep from the Reverse De la Riva Position that can be used from the white all the way to the black belt

Half-lasso scissor sweep – Stas Varshavsky

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Lasso guard sweep with a reverse De la Riva hook when your opponent stands up

Alexandre Paiva – Taking the back from Reverse De La Riva

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Alliance co-founder in Rio de Janeiro, Gigi Paiva, shows the way he likes to take the back from Reverse De La Riva

Sit Up Guard sweep by Kurt Osiander

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Upgrade your sit up guard with this sweep shown to us by Kurt Osiander.

Reverse De La Riva Sweep- Fernando Terere

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Reverse De la Riva Sweep with Andre Galvao

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  Get access to this series with Andre Galvao at Come train BJJ in San Diego and stay at the BJJ Hostel: Tape Armor Finger Tape for BJJ:


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Kris Kim, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Tony Passos. Head Instructor for Yongsan BJJ at Trent Warrior Fitness Center, U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, Seoul, Korea. Kris is also the BJJ coach for Team Posse MMA, ...

Reverse DLR Transition to Back Control (Kiss of the Dragon)- Alex Martins (AMBJJ)

822 Views0 Comments - This video filmed by Mike Calimbas and TXMMA staff for Visit us on Facebook at View complete event galleries and order prints from all these events on htt...

Reverse de la Riva Ballon Sweep- Andre Galvao

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Andre Galvao Teaching one of his favorites sweeps during a seminar in Chicago in 2011.

Reverse De La Riva Lasso Sweep to Ankle Lock- Jason Bircher

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Kansas City BJJ Black Belt, Jason Bircher, demonstrates an ankle lock finish from a modified De La Riva guard. The submission option is an unexpected choice, allowing you to finish the match then and there rather than...

Reverse Dela Riva Guard Sweep into Leg Drag Guard Pass

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This video is a breakdown of a sweep from Reverse Dela Riva Guard that takes you immediately into the Leg Drag position to finish the sweep as a Guard Pass.

Reverse De la Riva to Arm Drag Single Leg with JT Torres

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    Jonathan Torrest teaches a slick reverse arm drag from the reverse de la riva guard that sets you up to finish a single leg sweep. Get access to this full series at Come t...

The Mantis Guard- Keenan Cornelius

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Jiu-Jitsu is limitless. Here is what Keenan Cornelius has been working on for a year: The Mantis Guard. It's a modified reverse De la Riva that looks super annoying for the person on top. You can be sure that Keena...

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