Knee shield

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Frustrate Tight Compact BJJ Guard Passers with Knee Shield – Nick Albin

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Being an tall lanky Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner can be a blessing. But it can also seem somewhat of a curse when you go against a more compact BJJ guard passer / wrestler type who knows how to tuck their body int...

2 Set Ups to Half Guard Rollover Sweep – Gile Huni

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From 1rst degree BJJ black belt Gile Huni, editor of and instructor Kimura BJJ in Belgrade, Serbia: "In this video I'm explaining 2 set ups to the half guard rollover sweep that I do very often in competi...

Inverted Traingle From A Knee Shield Guard – Marcio “Gracinha” Cesar

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This technique is demonstrated by third degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor Marcio "Gracinha" Cesar. He shows how to submit your opponent with an inverted triangle from a knee shield guard.

Triangle From Z Guard/Knee Shield by Dillon Danis & Bernardo Faria

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  Dillon Danis and Bernardo Faria show a great triangle choke set up from Z-Guard

Variation from 2 on 1 arm drag – Lucas Leite

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 Variation from 2*1 arm drag by Lucas Leite       Variation from 2*1 arm drag ... Variacao da enterrada!!! @moyabrand @rvca @checkmatlahabra @lucas.badboy A video posted by For Seminars...

Triangle from the Open / Knee Shield Guard – Josh Mancuso

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Black Belt Josh Mancuso shows how to Triangle someone from Knee Shield

Half Guard/ Knee Shield Sweep – João Chiozzi

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João Chiozzi shows how to effectively sweep from the Knee Shield position

Keenan Cornelius – Flavio Canto Choke

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An amazingly strong and tight choke you should definitely add to your submission game

Attacks from knee shield halfguard

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Knee shield half guard: In this video we go through couple of effective sweeps and a defence against ankle lock.

Knee Shield Sweep To Back Take- Lucas Leite

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In this video Lucas demonstrates how to go from a knee shield half guard to taking the back and then finishing with a bow and arrow choke. Assisting him is his brown belt, Patricia Fontes. For more information on L...

Knee Shield To X-Guard Sweep- Lucas Leite

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In this video Lucas transitions from knee shield half guard, to X-guard and then takes the back. Assisting him is his brown belt, Patricia Fontes. For more information on Lucas Leite, a break down of this move and ...

Half Guard Knee Shield Sweep- Michael Liera Jr

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Michael Liera Jr. shows a nice sweep from half guard that he used on his way to becoming 2014 Jiu-Jitsu World Champion at Brown Belt.