Submission Escapes

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Counter Choke From Kimura – Evolve University

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Defending the Kimura from Bottom Half Guard – Bernardo Faria

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5 x BJJ World champion Bernardo Faria shows you how to not get Kimura'd when you're playing from the deep half guard.

Paper Cutter Choke Defense – Tony Pacenski

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Tony Pacenski shows a good way to defend against the paper cutter choke

Aggressive Back Escape Kimura -Kent Peters

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Aggressive back Escape with Kimura control, using this back control escape you put the attacker in danger making for an easier escape attempt (Pay special attention to the arm inside the seatbelt, it keeps away the da...

Escaping Omoplata to crucifix – Robson Moura

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Robson Moura demonstrates a nice omoplata escape, using the feet and moving to a crucifix type position to finish with a submission.

Excellent Americana Defense To Americana!

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Talk about a fun counter. How effective do you think this move is?

Counter To Rolling Kimura- Shawn Williams

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Professor Shawn Williams demonstrates a slick counter for the Rolling Kimura!

Sneaky Reverse Triangle From Armbar Defence – Kent Peters

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Sneaky Reverse Triangle From Armbar Defence by Kent Peters

Dominick Cruz Guillotine Counter: Side Control Escape – Avellan

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Avellan demonstrates a variation of the traditional side control underhook escape that counters guillotines on the way up. This variation was taught to Avellan by former UFC World Champion Dominick Cruz.

“The Escape Artist”: Body Triangle Counter Submission – Mike Bidwell

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This is a move that I have held onto forever and rarely show anyone! WHY? Well it's a funny story but years ago when I was a purple belt teaching BJJ a blue belt came to my class visiting from out of state. After clas...

“The Escape Artist”: Kimura Counter Submission

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slick little counter to the kimura (ude-garami) shoulder lock from the closed guard. This IS a submission from within the guard so it has some extra "ninja appeal" to it! Remember, don't panic when you get caught in a...

A really Nice Way to Counter Armbar Defense – William Schrimsher

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Here is a really nice way to release the arm when you are in the Juji gatame position.

6 Head & Arm Kesa Gatame Scarfhold Escapes & Counters

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Learn 6 Head & Arm Kesa Gatame Scarfhold Escapes & Counters

Tenshin Nasukawa’s Incredible Armbar Escape

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Tenshin Nasukawa's Incredible Armbar Escape at Rizin Yesterday     mirror:

Rear Naked Choke Prevent Defense – David Avellan

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Preventing a Rear Naked Choke is simple - choke yourself first!

Bernardo Faria’s Guillotine Escape

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Bernardo Faria shows his preferred way of escaping the guillotine!

3 Triangle Escapes and 2 submission counters – Josh Robinson

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In this video I'll show you 3 very reliable triangle escapes and 2 options for actually submitting the person triangling you. Ohhhh yes. It's possible...

Omoplata counter When Opponent Rolls – Gustavo Carpio

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    This is an omoplata counter that I like to do when my opponent rolls to defend the submission       This is an omoplata counter that I like to do when my opponent ro...

Armbar vs SpiderWeb RNC Defense – Sean Applegate

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10thPlanet Ace Sean Applegate demonstrates Armbar Attempt to Armbar vs SpiderWeb RNC Defense       #Repost @thekentpeters 10thPlanet Ace Sean Applegate demonstrates Armbar Attempt to Armbar ...

Counter a Darce Choke from Half Guard with a Sweep

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Nick Albin shows a cool Darce Choke Counter

Footlock instructional: Countering basic escape – Aca Rajacic

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   Very handy way to counter the basic foot lock escape!    

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