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Henry Cejudo | Wrestling Techniques & Drills

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UFC Fighter & Olympian Henry Cejudo Shows Wrestling Techniques & Drills.

Solo BJJ Drills: Horizontal Movements – Matt Kirtley AKA Aesopian

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BJJ black belt Matt Kirtley AKA Aesopian shows his favorite drills for practicing horizontal hip movements across the mats.

Interesting wrestling drill by Cary Kolat

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Interesting wrestling drill by Cary Kolat

Guard Passing BJJ Solo Drill Combos and How They During a Roll – Nick Albin

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One of my students and I worked on a few guard passing BJJ solo drills that you can do on a heavy bad after training the other night. Ben isn't able to train as much as he'd like to (which is all the time). So he m...

Butterfly Guard Sweep Solo Drill – Nick Albin

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This solo drill movement is incredibly helpful for making the drills in that Butterfly Guard video work. Being able to shift your hips around using just your legs is super helpful when trying to use the butterfly ...

3 BJJ Solo Drills for Guard Passing and When to Use Them – Nick Albin

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These 3 BJJ movements are incredibly helpful for developing a nasty Guard passing game in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Even Andre Galvao Does Some Solo Drills!

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What do you think about these?

Grip Strength Exercise – Dominique Bell

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 World champion Dominique Bell works on his grip strength. Have you ever done these?       ✊???? keep the grips strong ???????? ------ #grip #jiujiteiro #jiujitsu4life #bjjlife #hooksw...

Side Control Movement Drill – Relson Gracie JJ

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One of the best solo drills to improve side control!

Werdum and Cobrinha get some S&C work Done!

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   Some solo S&C drills done by Werdum & Cobrinha!     CAMPEÕES só andam com campeões. Champions surround themselves with champions. #whatsyourmission #missionsubmission #championsbreed...

Solo Drills To Improve Top Game – Gui Mendes

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 Gui Mendes shares some solo drills to improve balance & body coordination for top game         solo drills to improve balance & body coordination for top game • artofjiujit...

10 BJJ Solo Drills W/ Heavy Bag – Nick Albin

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In this video I show 10 BJJ solo drills you can do with an old heavy bag you might have. I shared in a recent video that I think grappling dummies are a waste of time. Not because they're not a good tool. But ...

It’s Never A Good Time To Slow Down On Drills

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 Check out this girl relentlessly drilling her guard game!     Quando a Galera falta o treino improviso corda e kimono ???????? Autora : @lecardozobjj Parcerias ⤵ ----> @ADCCsubmission ----&...

Anderson Silva’s Rubber Band Guard Drill

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3rd degree BJJ black belt Anderson Silva shows his son Gabriel an interesting BJJ guard drill with some rubber bands.

Are You Shrimping The “Wrong” Way? – Jason Scully

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In this video Jason Scully talks about how he feels many grapplers shrimp inefficiently and are not taking advantage of the drilling opportunity to develop a very necessary skill. He talks about his take on the 3 majo...

Solo Drill for Warmup or Cooldown – Michael Stratton

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 Some Solo Drills greatFor Both A Warm Up And A Cool Down.       Some Solo Drills I Like To Do For Both A Warm Up And A Cool Down. #etrnl_rnd #jiujitsuvideos #esteembjj #graciehumaita #...

Great solo drill to build pressure on top- Nick Albin

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 Great solo drill to build pressure on top. Move around the ball freely while maintaining contact on the ball and not touching your knees.       Great solo drill to build pressure on to...

11 Solo BJJ Drills W/ Stability Ball – Nick Albin

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Solo BJJ drills are no replacement for the real thing. But solo BJJ drills can be a great way to get some movement in when a partner is not available. Maybe when you're at home or unable to roll.

Ground movement Solo Drill – Ronda Rousey

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Former bantamweight champ has an excellent solo drill for ground movement!       I love this exercise. Well explained and for what reason she uses it. ???????? from @rondarousey @bestofmmafi...

BJJ Solo Drills – Phillip Wyman

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Phillip “The Wicked” Wyman is a retired Gunnery Sergeant who started his BJJ studies in 2001 under Renzo Gracie and traveled to Brazil to study. Today, Phillip holds a black belt and is under the tutelage of Saulo Rib...

Work those Grips the Old Fashioned Way – Malfacine

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Bruno Malfacine goes crazy climbing ropes on a beach to improve his grips. Take a look at the insane tempo he dictates       GRIPS✔️ #worlds2016 A video posted by Bruno Malfacine ♛?????...

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