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Guillotine or back take: Cary Kolat is brutal!

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Cary Kolat teaches his Down by 2 (Stuck in Front Headlock Position) Desperation Sit Hook Takedown.

Garry Tonon Style Sneaky Backtake vs Turtle – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shows Garry Tonon Style Sneaky Backtake vs Turtle

Truck Backtake From Mount – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters shows an attractive Truck combo starting from the Mount position

How To Do Garry Tonon’s Guillotine From Crucifix (vs Kim Terra)

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At the recent Studio 540, Garry Tonon faced off against Kim Terra. Tonon was able to pull off a beautiful guillotine choke from the crucifix position. Here are 2 set ups for this amazing technique: https://www.yout...

Omoplata to 50/50, back take with twister hook – Tommi Pulkkanen

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Omoplata to 50/50, back take with twister hook by Tommi Pulkkanen       Omoplata to 50/50 back take with twister hook. @fujisportsus @lahdengentai @ebn_areena @beddit @on...

Tonon Hug To Truck Hook BackTake – Kent Peters

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Here's Kent Peters showing one of Garry Tonon's preferred combos

Escape Back Control Into Deep 1/2 Guard To Waiter Sweep

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This is a great transition: back control escape to deep half guard to waiter sweep! A video posted by Viral Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (@viralbjj) on Dec 15, 2016 at 9:29am PST

1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack – Back Control Detail featuring Daniel O’Brien

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1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack - Back Control Detail featuring Daniel O'Brien

Sneaky Beak Take Combo From Lucas Lepri

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   De lá Riva-->sweep-->back take       De lá Riva-->sweep-->back take⚡️|| @stormkimonos @kinephys @digitsuonline ||#whatsyourmission #missionsubmission #stormteam #Repos...

Lasso guard – Reverse DLR – To the Back – Jacqueline Ramos

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Jacqueline Ramos World champion in both gi and nogi shows a cool combo leading to a back take!       Lasso guard ???????? Reverse DLR ???????? To the Back ???????????????? #Repost @lucasleit...

Arm Lock Options From The Back – Robson Moura

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Robson Moura shows multiple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu arm lock attacks from back control

Toreada to Seat Belt – Alberto Serrano

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Nice combination of pass and back snatch by Alberto Serrano!

3 BJJ Chokes From Back Mount when Opponent Escapes

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  From BJJ black belt Nick Albin: What do you do in BJJ when your opponent escapes your Back Mount? This was a question I was asked recently by one of the viewers. He says that he can get the back but hi...

Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – Butterfly Guard to Back

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latest from Kurt Osiander!

Back Take From One Leg Guard – Bruno Malfacine

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   Bruno Malfacine shows a super quick back take from One Leg Guard       ????▶️Back take from one leg guard with my friend @jpbertuccelli44 at @exclusivejiujitsu To see the who...

Luta Livre Arm Triangle From The Back – Wendy Kohili

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   This seems like a handy option when you want to surprise your opponent    

LUCAS LEPRI Back Control & Triple Attack

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Lucas Lepri is one of the most accomplished and decorated jiu jitsu athletes in the world. He is a 5-time black belt World Champion and has won every major jiu jitsu tournament in the world, a feat accomplished by onl...

One Leg to the Back – Bruno Malfacine

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- Malfacine starts getting the one leg position, then he sweeps Bertuccelli and does the berimbolo, and then he takes the back..

3 Part BJJ Drill Sequence – Back Take from Turtle – Nick Albin

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During a few of my matches this year I've been able to hit a back take form side control when the person starts to defend. In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Oftentimes when someone threatens with the pass the back mount is ...

Jeff Glover Shares Sneaky Knee Slice transition Into Back Take

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   Jeff Glover Shares a Very Sneaky Knee Slice transition Into Back Take     Gordon is a jiu jitsu master. Today's noon class move. @victorymmasd A video posted by Jeff Glover (@yo...

Inversion > Calf Slicer Lock > Leg Drag > Back Take by Fabio Caloi

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Intense partner drill flow sequence by Fabio Caloi !

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