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How To Do Garry Tonon’s Guillotine From Crucifix (vs Kim Terra)

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At the recent Studio 540, Garry Tonon faced off against Kim Terra. Tonon was able to pull off a beautiful guillotine choke from the crucifix position. Here are 2 set ups for this amazing technique: https://www.yout...

Rear Naked Choke Prevent Defense – David Avellan

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Preventing a Rear Naked Choke is simple - choke yourself first!

1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack – Back Control Detail featuring Daniel O’Brien

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1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack - Back Control Detail featuring Daniel O'Brien

Erick Silva teaches a triangle starting from the back

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UFC's Erick Silva teaches the triangle used on Jason High

Armbar from the Back – Bruno Malfacine

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Bruno Malfacine shows an armbar handy to use from the back position!

Arm Lock Options From The Back – Robson Moura

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Robson Moura shows multiple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu arm lock attacks from back control

3 BJJ Chokes From Back Mount when Opponent Escapes

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  From BJJ black belt Nick Albin: What do you do in BJJ when your opponent escapes your Back Mount? This was a question I was asked recently by one of the viewers. He says that he can get the back but hi...

3 leg locks when opponent has your back – Jaime Jara

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Jaime Jara shows 3 leg lock options you have when someone is on your back

LUCAS LEPRI Back Control & Triple Attack

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Lucas Lepri is one of the most accomplished and decorated jiu jitsu athletes in the world. He is a 5-time black belt World Champion and has won every major jiu jitsu tournament in the world, a feat accomplished by onl...

Final Part Of Inventive Back Attacks – Mike Bidwell

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For Part 1&2 click here

Inventive Back Attacks Part 2 – Mike Bidwell

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Gemini Choke and how to use it to lure your partner into other submissions! I also show how to use it as a single choke or in conjunction with other submissions! get a duel attack scenerio with the gemin...

How To Do The Seatbelt Neck Crank

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Guest post by Mark Lajhner, founder and chief instructor of Kaizen MMA Academy in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a Judo black belt (Serbian national team member), BJJ purple belt and multiple medallist in Freesyle Wrestling....

Wagnney Fabiano’s Arm Triangle From Back – Kent Peters

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Wagnney Fabiano With A Deadly & Sneaky Arm Triangle Choke From The Back

Nino Schembri Shows a Variety of Submission Options From The Back

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 Nino Schembri shows a variety of subs from the back!       Submission of the day!! #ninoschembri #ninoschembriteam #ninoschembribjj #jj #bjj #jiujitsu #nogi #omoplata #gotoplata losang...

The Kraken Choke from the back! – Mike Bidwell

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Mike Bidwell shows some cool moves from the back!

Turtle to Back Mount and Clock Choke- Ben Eaton

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Check out this handy sequence from Ben Eaton

The Straitjacket – Danaher Back Attack System

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Eddie Cumming's and Gordon Ryan's utilization of John Danaher's Back Attack System as seen in EBI 6 and 7.

Arnaldo Maidana showing some nice moves on Buchecha!

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 Bjj black belt Arnaldo Maidana showing some nice moves on Buchecha; Open Guard to Taking the Back!     @arnaldomaidana showing some nice move on @marcusbuchecha make him tap lol ... Arnaldinho...

Creative Back Attacks – Mike Bidwell

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BJJ After 40 leader shows some creative attacks from the Back

Braulio Estima- Reverse Set Up Rear Naked Choke

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Braulio Estima shows on Leandro Lo a reverse method for finishing the rear naked choke. Estima places his choking arm deep and over the chin, and hides the supporting arm to finally swivel it in for the choke. ...

Choke into Back Take – BJJ After 40

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  Dope choke that leads to a sweet back take    

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