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Ultimate Escape from Bow & Arrow Choke- Carlos Machado

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Coral belt Carlos Machado shows a very effective escape to the high percentage bow and arrow choke.

Crazy Kimura Trap Back Take

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 Crazy Kimura Trap Back Take on this Video. Take a look       ???? Transição Para As Costas Marque Seu Amigo De Treino ・ Parcerias ⤵ ↪ @tatamemagazine ↪ @adccsubmission ↪ @bjjclub ↪ @g...

Aggressive Back Escape Kimura -Kent Peters

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Aggressive back Escape with Kimura control, using this back control escape you put the attacker in danger making for an easier escape attempt (Pay special attention to the arm inside the seatbelt, it keeps away the da...

The Straitjacket – Danaher Back Attack System

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Eddie Cumming's and Gordon Ryan's utilization of John Danaher's Back Attack System as seen in EBI 6 and 7.

Braulio Estima- Reverse Set Up Rear Naked Choke

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Braulio Estima shows on Leandro Lo a reverse method for finishing the rear naked choke. Estima places his choking arm deep and over the chin, and hides the supporting arm to finally swivel it in for the choke. ...

The definitive guide for trucking and ninja rolling

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Never done the ninja roll or entered the truck? Here's a few ways for you to get familiar with the positions!

A back take off a knee slice pass – Tom DeBlass

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 A back take off a knee slice pass today that Tom DeBlass taught at Renzo Gracie Portland.      

The Three Most Important Back Control Drills for BJJ

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The Three Most Important Back Control Drills for BJJ

Advanced Guard Passing Sequence – Rafa Mendes

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 Once known and feared for his berimbolo guard, now feared for his dynamic passing       The amazing Rafa Mendes // Once known and feared for his berimbolo guard, now feared for his dyn...

How To Do Garry Tonon’s Guillotine From Crucifix (vs Kim Terra)

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At the recent Studio 540, Garry Tonon faced off against Kim Terra. Tonon was able to pull off a beautiful guillotine choke from the crucifix position. Here are 2 set ups for this amazing technique: https://www.yout...

Back Take – Erberth Santos

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 Erberth Santos demonstrates amazing capabilities in a competetive match. Watch him surf and sink onto the back of his opponent       Passador ou guandeiro? Quem você é? (Marque seu ami...

Tarsis Humphreys teaches one of his most used sweeps

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Learn right now and start using this Sweep from the Lasso guard which will take you directly to take the back.

Closed Guard to Taking the Back – Roger Gracie

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Roger Gracie shows an easy way to transition to the back from closed guard in this detailed stop motion instructional       STOP MOTION: @rogergracie is our Professor this Friday.| Pay a...

LUCAS LEPRI Back Control & Triple Attack

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Lucas Lepri is one of the most accomplished and decorated jiu jitsu athletes in the world. He is a 5-time black belt World Champion and has won every major jiu jitsu tournament in the world, a feat accomplished by onl...

3 leg locks when opponent has your back – Jaime Jara

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Jaime Jara shows 3 leg lock options you have when someone is on your back

Top Half Guard to Bow & Arrow to Crucifix, Arm Lock – Ricardo Liborio

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Ricardo Liborio shares his technique for going for the bow and arrow choke from top half guard and transitioning to the crucifix position and also shows an armlock from the same position for an alternate finish. &n...

Modified Clock Choke

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Take a look at this modified Clock Choke. The grip is much easier to get than the conventional but it takes a little bit more mechanical understanding for the finish.

BODY TRIANGLE ESCAPE with Calf Slicer/Ankle Lock Submission

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  Kris Kim, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Tony Passos. Head Instructor for Yongsan BJJ at Trent Warrior Fitness Center, U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, Seoul, Korea. Kris is also the BJJ coach for Team P...

Lasso Pass Sequence – Kristian Woodmansee

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Break down one of Kristian Woodmansee's favorite pass sequences to take the back from lasso. Kristian Woodmansee is an Atos World Champion, Two time European Champion and two time Pan Am Champ

Unique Choke by Jay Bell

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This looks like a very strong and tight choke and can be actually done from some different positions

How to Do the Rolling Back Take – Stephan Kesting

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Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting answer a question they received about the rolling back take technique in their BJJ Back Attacks Formula instructional

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