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Braulio Estima- Reverse Set Up Rear Naked Choke

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Braulio Estima shows on Leandro Lo a reverse method for finishing the rear naked choke. Estima places his choking arm deep and over the chin, and hides the supporting arm to finally swivel it in for the choke. ...

How To Escape The Back Control

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Learn how to escape the Back Control when you are stuck on the overhook side!

Reverse De La Riva guard to the back – Andrew Smith

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Andrew Smith shows a handy transition from Reverse DLR to taking the back. Check it out

Back Transition to Guillotine Choke- Garry Tonon

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Garry Tonon shows a very slick transition from the back.

De La Riva back take – Bruno Frazatto

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 De La Riva back take by Bruno Frazatto     --> De La Riva back take // @tatamifightwear @thefokaieffect @bjj_fanatics @choke_lab A video posted by Bruno Frazatto (@brunofrazatto) on Jul 2...

Side Control to Back to Crucifix- Marcelo Garcia

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Side Control to Back, Crucifix from Back, Rear Naked Choke from Crucifix, Crucifix to Back Control.

Triple Threat Mastery Seminar by Rener Gracie

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In the second installment of the "Seminar Series," Rener breaks down the Triple Threat Attack System from the back mount. This clip alone will revolutionize everything you thought you knew from the back!

X Guard Back Take to Bear Trap!

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Learn a nice way to flow from the x-guard back take to the bear trap (Calf Slicer) from behind!

Aggressive Back Escape Kimura -Kent Peters

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Aggressive back Escape with Kimura control, using this back control escape you put the attacker in danger making for an easier escape attempt (Pay special attention to the arm inside the seatbelt, it keeps away the da...

Omoplata to 50/50, back take with twister hook – Tommi Pulkkanen

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Omoplata to 50/50, back take with twister hook by Tommi Pulkkanen       Omoplata to 50/50 back take with twister hook. @fujisportsus @lahdengentai @ebn_areena @beddit @on...

Reverse Triangle And Armbar Option- Felipe “Preguica” Pena

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In this video Felipe demonstrates a reverse triangle choke when he has his opponent's back, followed by an armbar.

Rani Yahya shows back attack from turtle position

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Former ADCC Champ and upcoming UFC Fighter RANI Yayha shows back attack from Turtle Position

Shinya Aoki’s 5 Ways To Escape The Back Mount | Evolve University

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Backtake & Choke from Side Control plus Wrist Lock – Kent Peters

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Intense action in another clip by Kent Peters

X Guard Sweeps To Guard Pass And Back Take

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André Machado shows 2 sweeps from the X Guard, one which will lead you to the guard pass and the other to a back take

Half Guard Attack “Belt Drag To Back Take”- Gabriel Arges

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This position is a defense when your opponent is putting a lot of pressure on half guard by Gabriel Arges

Sneaky back-take from top half guard- Ulpiano Malachias

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A sneaky back-take from top half guard from Professor Ulpiano Malachias!

Half Guard Pass to Back/Kimura – Gui Mendes

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  Gui Mendes showing how to transition to the back and also how to attack the kimura from on top when passing the half guard       A O J D A I L Y || Details from this mornings Fundamen...

How to Do the Rolling Back Take – Stephan Kesting

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Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting answer a question they received about the rolling back take technique in their BJJ Back Attacks Formula instructional


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How to Take the Back from X Guard

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A cool way to take the back and start working your submissions starting from the X Guard

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