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10 Different Plank Exercises

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10 different plank exercises to develop a powerful midsection.

Rodolfo Vieira – Conditioning Training

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Check out the s&c regimen of one of the toughest men out there - Rodolfo Vieira

Rafael Lovato Jr Strength & Conditioning Training for BJJ & Grappling

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    In this video you can watch how No-Gi Black Belt World Champions, Rafael Lovato Jr. & Justin Rader, trained to prepare for the 2011 ADCC Submission Grappling World Championships and the 2011 IB...

Circuit Training for MMA, Martial Arts and Combat Fighters

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Circuit Training for MMA and Combat Fighters targeting on the key physical attributes needed as an MMA and combat athlete.

Take a look at Cobrinha conditioning with Fabio Gurgel

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 Charles Cobrinha conditioning with Alliance Master Fabio Gurgel       Hoje o condicionamento foi com o nosso mestre @fabiogurgel. Conditioning with Master @fabiogurgel. cobrinhabjjfami...

7 Minutes of Yoga for BJJ – Cassidy Jane

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Yoga for BJJ focusing on recovery

Alexandre Vieira’s Sick Conditioning regimen

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   Take a look at this intense training regimen       Hj é dia do meu irmão, parceiro de treino, mentor e etc @chico_salgado ,o cara q sempre me instiga a fazer o meu melhor, q ...

Jiu-Jitsu Bodyweight Workout by the Machado Brothers

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Jiu-Jitsu Bodyweight Workout by the Machado Brothers.

14 Arched Back Mobility Drills

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14 lower back arch mobility drills to strengthen the lower back. Great for back health, back strength and overall athleticism.

How to Increase Neck Flexibility (for Inverted Guard) for BJJ

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From Budo Jake: I filmed this short video to answer a question I received on FB asking how to increase neck flexibility for inverted guard. If your neck is not flexible, inverted guard is an easy way to get hurt. You...

Fun Little Jiu-Jitsu Core Strength Program

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Fun Little Jiu-Jitsu program you can incorporate into your daily schedule no matter how busy you are! Goal of the Day= Core Strength Training1. Hanging Wiper= 5sets of 20reps.2. Pall of Press(each)= 5sets of 10reps...

Mackenzie Dern keeps on Dancing the Sundays Away

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 Mackenzie Dern keeps on Dancing the Sundays Away     Sunday dance night!! Trying to keep up with the amazing @theninodaniel ???????????? Can't wait until next week!! // Danças de domingo! ...

BJJ Conditioning Circuit- Stevie Linton

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Stevie Linton is an active black belt adult competitor, instructor and BJJ blogger. You have probably heard of him through his excellent blog Jiu-Jitsu Stevie. Check out his full BJJ conditioning circuit.

Claudio Calasans Preparing for ADCC 2015

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Watch how 2015 IBJJF world champion Claudio Calasans is preparing for ADCC.

Eddie Bravo on: Flexibility and Work Ethic

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Eddie chats more about flexibilty. So you think your flexible? Check out his lotus head stand at the end!

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu HQ Warm Up

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An example of a warm up from 10th planet HQ.

Keenan Cornelius’ Technique for Building Hip Strength in Jiu-Jitsu

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Great for arm bars and hip bumps. anyone will till you wrestling and jiu jitsu and judo is all in the hips.. So why not make them super strong!

Improve Grip Strength with Strength Training – Nick Albin

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Nick Albin enjoy strengthening grips with farmers carry or farmers walk. He shares some of his insights in the clip below.

Dynamic Mobility Drills for Upper Body

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Take a good look at this mobility prehab for shoulders and wrists!

BJJ warmup Drill: Belt Puller!

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Fun Warmups - making bjj great again. Just kidding - still a fun option to try!

Yoga for The Uchimata – Yoga For BJJ

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Sebastian Brosche from Yoga for BJJ shows some nice yoga moves that could help you vastly improve your Uchimata

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