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Mentos Athlete of the Year: Mackenzie Dern

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   Mentos Athlete of the Year: Mackenzie Dern       #Repost @jitsgrips ・・・ Mentos Athlete of the Year: @mackenziedern! #jitsgrips #bjj #jiujitsu #oss #judo #brazilianjiujitsu...

Wrestling vs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu With Slams

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   Wrestling vs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu With Slams      

Trudeau frames to counter Trump’s armdrag attempt

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    Trudeau frames to counter Trump’s armdrag attempt   Pres. Trump greets Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House https://t.co/DYel2taCiV pic.twitter.com/F8OVvXDyEm — ABC...

Watch: John Danaher Appearance On TV Show Billions

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John Danaher acting - you can tell he's acting because John never wears Gi pants

Martial Arts Techniques of John Wick 2!

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The Martial Arts Techniques of John Wick 2! Stunt Friends please let me work on Wick 3 with you! SAG w/ Passport

GSP Bows To Fedor Emalienanko: ‘Fedor Wow!’

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2 MMA Legends met and there was a huge humility coming from GSP!

Poor Kid Cries as Instructor Gives him his first Gi

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Emotional moment: instructor gives poor kid his first Gi.

Very Cool Belt Promotion!

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Very Cool Belt Promotion!

Jeff Monson Fights Trump Supporter

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A sweating rotund unlikely Trump supporter splits open Jeff Monson; an American Anarcho-Communist, two-time winner of the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship, and a No Gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu World Champion. ...

Baby Started Training BJJ As A One Year Old!

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Whoah! Can you imagine what happens in 15 years?

Top 5 WORST MMA/BJJ Positions to find yourself in a STREET FIGHT!

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Top 5 WORST MMA/BJJ Positions to find yourself in a STREET FIGHT!

Man Out-Grapples Florida Police Officer and Gets Away! (Gracie Breakdown)

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This officer involved incident took place on Tuesday in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here is what we learned from this video: 1) No officer should be allowed to go to work without basic knowledge of ground fighting an...

Jiu-Jitsu vs Zumba Challenge!

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    Jiu-Jitsu vs Zumba Challenge!      

BJJ 1yr White Belt vs BODYBUILDER 42 lbs weight difference!

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What do you think about this one?

Incredible Helicopter Armbar in MMA Match in Russia

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Former UFC fighter Diego Brandao defeated Murad ‘The Strangler’ Machaev at EFN Fight Nights Global 58 in Russia on Saturday. He was able to win using a spectacular submission, a helicopter armbar from the guard. This ...

Valentina Shevchenko Dances The ‘Lezginka’ After UFC fight

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UFC's Valentina dances the traditinal dance from the Caucasus, the Lezginka after her fight with Juliana Pena. The Lezginka, also known as the Lezgi dance or Lezgian dance (Lezgian: лезги кьуьл), is a national danc...

World Record: Fastest BJJ Match in History: 4 Seconds! Nasty Submission

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BJJ black belt Walter Cascão had the fastest BJJ match in history at North American BJJ Federation event: 4 seconds. He explains how he did the submission...

Controversial Reset In Euros 2017 Middleweight finals

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Middleweight finals were won by Marcos Tinoco 4x2 against Alec Bauling. There was a controversial reset in this one as can be seen attached below.

Was Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen A Fixed Fight?

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MMA Analyst Adam Couch made this video of tonight’s Bellator main event between Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen which ended in the first round with rear naked choke. Many fans were saying that the fight was fixed because ...

Tito Ortiz Vs Chael Sonnen Full Fight Bellator 170

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Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen full fight BELLATOR 170. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2h_7giurEu0

Ralek Gracie vs Hisaki Kato – Bellator 170

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Longtime jiu-jitsu instructor and Metamoris founder Ralek Gracie made his Bellator debut on Jan. 21 against Hisaki Kato at The Forum in Inglewood, California. The news was first reported by Lance Pugmire of the Los An...

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