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The Real Secret To Escape From Deep Submissions – Gustavo Gasparin

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Gustavo Gasperin explains what to do in order to escape from deep submissions in BJJ. No fluff, just real talk.

Short interview with Guy Ritchie, Roll Footage with Roger Gracie

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   Short interview with Guy Ritchie from the filming of my promo video. Always great to see him on the mat! #rogergracietv      

What do To When You Feel Your BJJ Is Regressing ? Nick Albin Answers

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"I'm Going Backwards as a BJJ White Belt"

Firas Zahabi Talks Ido Portal Movement Training

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In this episode Firas Zahabi answers your questions on Ido Portal Movement training and more.

Joe Rogan Admits He Was Wrong About Rousey

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Joe Rogan I shouldn't have said Ronda Rousey can beat male UFC fighters and some s*it about Trump!

The Secret Shortcut to Fast Jiu-Jitsu Improvement – Q and A – Keenan Cornelius

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Keenan Cornelius shares some critical knowledge

Demian Maia on the challenges of being an athlete/teacher

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Demian Maia talks challenges of being an athlete/teacher

Gi or No Gi for MMA and More – Coach Zahabi AMA – #002

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In this episode I answer your questions on training in the Gi. Please send any future questions to

Sometimes New BJJ Techniques are NOT What You Need

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I get a lot of questions asking for particular BJJ techniques to beat different types of bodies. And there is a funny trend I've noticed from all the messages I receive. That trend is that both big people and ...

Joe Rogan on Conor Mcgregor’s options Mayweather, Woodley or Diaz

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Joe Rogan discusses Conor Mcgregor's options for his next fight, Floyd Mayweather, Tyron Woodley and Nate Diaz. From JRE #910

Dean Lister Discusses Leglocks of Future Past

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Dean Lister is a legendary Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and mixed martial artist. Dean’s accomplishments in martial arts are incredible and include becoming a 3x ADCC champion, king of the cage middleweight champion...

Training & Conditioning Routines of Bernardo Faria

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Bernardo Faria, 5 x BJJ World Champion, discusses his training and conditioning routine with Stephan Kesting. We talked about: ** Exactly what his day to day training regimen looks like, ** Who he spars with **...

6 Lessons with Renzo Gracie

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6 worthy life Lessons with the legend himself Renzo Gracie!

Does a Black Belt Automatically Qualify Someone to Teach Jiu-jitsu? – Gracie Breakdown

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Jon Wagner is a BJJ black belt that has been training for more than 15 years. After completing the Gracie Instructor Certification Program (ICP) he reflects on his journey and some of the shocking realizations he ...

Dana White: “I Offered Nick Diaz a Fight with Demian Maia and Lawler”

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excerpt from the UFC Unfiltered podcast

Why You Need to Compete in BJJ if You’re Unconfident

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Is it necessary to compete in BJJ competitions? This is the question I touch on in this video. The question comes from a younger viewer of the Chewjitsu channel who is curious about competing in BJJ. He's been...

Overcoming Anxiety about BJJ Training after a Knee Injury

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Getting back to BJJ after an injury always sucks and there is often a period of nervousness associated with it. No one wants to get injured. So when you get back you're trying to avoid that from happening again. ...

Why Most New BJJ Techniques Won’t Work For You

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Stephan Kesting explains Why Most New BJJ Techniques Won't Work For You

Physical Conditioning For BJJ – Should You Do It Or Not ? Bernardo Faria

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Bernardo Faria answers : Physical Conditioning For BJJ - Should You Do It Or Not ?

Nick Albin Talks Giving Up a Purple Belt When He Moved Gyms

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Should you have to give up your rank when you join a new gym? If you're a Blue, Purple or Brown Belt should you have to restart over if your instructor thinks that you don't know enough about their system? What ...

What Every Beginner Should Focus In BJJ – Bernardo Faria

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World Champion Bernardo Faria talks What Every Beginner Should Focus In BJJ

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