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The Pit Sweep – David Avellan

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I have mentioned my affinity for the Flower Sweep before, and as a result I have discovered what I call the Pit. It is a position you get into after a failed Flower, that gives you more sweeps and submissions to ...

Nick Albin Talks Giving Up a Purple Belt When He Moved Gyms

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Should you have to give up your rank when you join a new gym? If you're a Blue, Purple or Brown Belt should you have to restart over if your instructor thinks that you don't know enough about their system? What ...

9 Must See Secrets To Finishing The Rear Naked Choke

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   9 Secrets To Finishing The Rear Naked Choke      

If you Think The Ezekial From The Bottom Was Badass… – BJJ Scout

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   What in the world happened there??       Tapping someone from the bottom of mount is savage but then getting a tap via "mother's milk" is pretty bad ass too. Any...