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Caio Terra Ruthlessly Taps Budo Jake 8 Times in 7 Mins

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Budo Jake has an intense roll with Caio where Caio tries to tap Jake out as many times as possible in 7 minutes. Next Caio shows Jake a half guard nogi pass. After that Jake asks Caio what the secret is to fighting ag...

Recovery & Supplementation After Knee (ACL) Surgery

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Mark Lajhner, founder and chief instructor of Kaizen MMA Academy in Belgrade, Serbia, talks about how to recover from an ACL reconstruction and what supplements he suggests you take. He had surgery on his knee a few y...

Circular Ouchi Gari Setup

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Very nice circular set up to Ouchi Gari...

Ralph Gracie SMASHES Budo Jake

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In this video, Ralph Gracie, one of the most aggressive jiu-jitsu fighters in history has a friendly roll with then brown belt Budo Jake (now a respected black belt). In sharp contrast to the typical “passive” Grac...